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Round 21 vs. South Sydney Rabbitohs Discussion

Big Pete

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs. Brisbane Broncos
Sunshine Coast Stadium, Friday 21 July 2023
Kick Off: 8:00pm


1. Latrell Mitchell 2. Alex Johnston 3. Isaiah Tass 4. Campbell Graham 5. Taane Milne 6. Cody Walker 7. Lachlan Ilias 8. Tevita Tatola 9. Damien Cook 10. Hame Sele 11. Keaon Koloamatangi 12. Jai Arrow 13. Cameron Murray

14. Blake Taaffe 15. Siliva Havili 16. Thomas Burgess 17. Jacob Host

18. Jed Cartwright 19. Tallis Duncan 20. Peter Mamouzelos 21. Davvy Moale 22. Dean Hawkins


1. Reece Walsh 2. Jesse Arthars 3. Kotoni Staggs 4. Herbie Farnworth 5. Selwyn Cobbo 6. Ezra Mam 7. Adam Reynolds 8. Keenan Palasia 9. Billy Walters 10. Payne Haas 11. Kurt Capewell 12. Brendan Piakura 13. Patrick Carrigan

14. Tyson Smoothy 15. Corey Jensen 16. Kobe Hetherington 17. Martin Taupau

18. Deine Mariner 19. Jock Madden 20. Xavier Willison 21. Tristan Sailor 22. Delouise Hoeter​

Big Pete

Brisbane Broncos 36 (Kotoni Staggs 2, Selwyn Cobbo, Reece Walsh, Xavier Willison, Adam Reynolds tries; Adam Reynolds 6/6 goals) def. South Sydney Rabbitohs 20


I don't think the game lived up to expectations. Heading into it, that NSW core of Cody Walker, Cameron Murray and Damien Cook appeared prime for a big performance and the big question centred around Reece Walsh and how he was going to respond after his shocker against the Gold Coast.

However the players rarely got a chance to play as Klein held a really strict ruck interpretation and blew a number of infringements against both teams. It gave both teams a manufactured run of possession and it didn't allow for a softening up period.

Both teams had their chances and finished the half with two tries a piece, with Taupau's penalty in possession being the difference. Regardless of whether it was worth a sin-bin, it was a reckless action and after teams were cautioned about their hit-up technique it was always going to be scrutanised more thoroughly than usual.

The second half saw the Broncos completely out-play South Sydney. They started to win the contact and Souths struggled to get through their sets. Reece Walsh ran the ball more than usual and eventually caught Cody Walker out to retake the lead for the Broncos.

That was followed by a crucial try to Xavier Willison who ran a brave line off of Jensen to crash over next to the posts. It was a big play from Willison and he was very impressive in his stint, forcing turn-overs and just giving the Broncos some presence in the middle.

After Staggs crossed for his second, Brisbane appeared safe but you could just sense Souths would have their say. It came with about 10 minutes to go when Arthars was binned for a late high shot on a falling Taaffe. It was one of those unfortunate collissions but in this day and age usually result in a sin-bin so it was game on.

After conceding a try virtually right away, the Broncos defence held strong and got one back after Walsh and Staggs combined to put the skipper over to seal it.

All in all, it was a scratchy first half followed by a strong second. South Sydney were disappointing and they're capable of better but it sets the Broncos up for their final five games of the season. Walsh made up for lost time, Carrigan and Haas didn't skip a beat and the bench really stood up.


I’m interested to see what bench Kev settles with when everyone is fit. Riki will slot back into the starting back row and I think big game experience will see Capewell beat out Piakura but I’m not 100% sure Capewell is the better player. Corey Jensen was great last night too.