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Round 26 v Warriors

Slippery Morris

First Grade
Pretty clear evidence Bunker has the issue with Saints. To again clear what the ref asks and then find another reason to disallow a try which did not even happen. Bunker supporting the ref - No. Bunker using video to over ride and come up with a reason to get the result the bunker wants...100% Yes. Another perfect example to go with the Manly disallowed try right there. Saints should be building up their case with these ridiculous calls and should seriously challenge the NRL at the end of the season.
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denis preston

First Grade
How GOOD has Mully been?? what a revelation, if Flanno cant nab Ippipi which I pray he can at least well be ok with the tag team of Mully and Lidds, What a massive speedy crisp difference in our attack since the dark days of plodder Mcullough!!
Can’t say he has stood out for me.

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