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Round 8 v Tigers

Old Timer

Very disappointing thus far a real battle of the cripples.

Yet again the stage is all set for our halves to take the game by the throat and lead us to victory but unfortunately we have all seen that scenario before.
I actually think Drags had overall strong defence. Clunky in handling and attack but a lot of scramble when it matters, particularly by Hunt, Macca and Dufty
I agree scramble is keeping us ahead at the moment but they are making easy metres from dummy half and picking apart Kerr and Hunt on our right edge. Need a Bellamy half time talk....


They said this was a desperation game but I just see two disinterested teams. Worst half of league I've seen in a while.

Ellis with a real lack in skill followed up by a selfish play. Alvaro seemed to get injured too and is playing busted. How we get points without rava and Lomax I'm not sure. Norman should step up but doing his average b grade performance.