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Round 9 v Bulldogs

He also needs another 10 kilos and maybe some ticker as well
If anything, on both occasions Tyrell was too eager to rush his attempt at tackle. As an ex fullback, you need to show the attacker the sideline so that he doesn't have the opportunity to come in field. With Tyrells speed, he can afford to slow down his approach so that he is coming in side on and slightly from the rear. At that point, with no support, Averillo's legs are there for the taking. Perhaps watching some old tapes of Steve Mortimer's cover defence could help.


Learning the proper technique will give you the confidence to take anyone. I was a slightly built halfback in my day with lots of speed off the mark and a very good leg tackle technique. I was never afraid to tackle because I had the right technique.

I'd like to see tackles to be chest high or lower.
I'd take you over Amone any day Poss
Sorry if has been addressed before but can anyone tell me why Reynolds wasn't sent to the bin for his tirade against the ref like, say, Brandon Smith and countless others have in the past?
He certainly touched a nerve, cos the ref was ropeable - but not enough to bin him, apparently.
Ordinary performance again. Hurts to lose 4 straight games by 6 or less margin. We see it every week, the potential is there but we just lack the execution/finesse and do dumb things. Combinations aren't forming in the halves so something has to change there.
Our playbook is lacking new tricks
5 times ‘one-up’ to the sticks
Then ‘give it to Ben’
And thats where it ends
We look like a bunch of dumb dicks

Old Timer

Bit harsh OT, you can develop it with good coaching and continually building confidence
Not so sure about that.

IMO ticker comes from within however I think commitment (but you have to have some ticker in the 1st place) can be taught and is actually what Bellamy & Bennett are very good at getting players to do.

You will never commit 100% if you don't have ticker.

Dufty & Sloan have high self preservation factors in them where Dugan was more than willing to get smashed in his attempts to stop tries Slater & Gutho are also great examples of doing what it takes and to be a great 1st grade FB that's the level you have to perform at.

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