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Rumours and Stuff

Timeframe on that mail? Or just planting a fake rumour on LU to see what happens?
Just a joke Mitch, it was a bit funnier than your fake attention seeking twitter rumours.
Hows the big 4 signings you announced on twitter and the 1 MASSIVE signing coming along? that its alleged the club asked you to remove LOL
Going for glory hey but it didnt come off for you, Brad must be chuffed to have you playing guessing games on the TCT twitter feed, even going to the extremes of putting cryptic pictures up as to what signings next.

Priceless, fancy you having a go at somebody for putting a red sea joke up after your twitter actions hahahahaha thats a bit rich from you Mr G.
Nah, Snake's not that silly. I think he's suggesting he's about to be released to Parra ... but he could just be making it up
LOL Look at you, youve read a hell of a lot into a silly little comment by me.
For the record i do think theres a good chance he will be here this year but thats nothing more than a guess.