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Rumours and Stuff


Post Whore
Fair enough

I felt the same about Hayne and I couldn't even believe it

Don't get me wrong, bro - Cameron Smith is an incredible player, and I would cheer him in the Blue and Gold.

But as a person, he is worthless, imo, and I'd find it hard to support someone like that wearing our colours.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Smith has played 20+ games every year except 2002 and 2020. But Sportsbet wouldn't even offer odds on the merkin getting injured and missing half the season if he played for us.


First Grade
I reckon it could tear the guts out of the game. I mean, just say Parramatta was in, say, sixth spot with six or seven weeks of the premiership to go, and they suddenly buy 3 quality players at the end of July. They go on a run and win the grand final with these three quality 'ring ins'. What would it mean?
It would mean that we had finally broken our f**ken 34 year drought!!


Also, 'Merica don't have employees high (min wage $7.25/h !) on their give a shit list.
In America there is no binding 'contract' that we have here when we employ people. There they can be/are 'employees at will' (of the employer) where they can be terminated at any time without consequences to the employer. And that min wage you quoted is probably the Federally mandated MW which most states do not follow. Wages can be as low as around $3/hr for tipped employees to $6/hr in hospitality business which has been the same for about 20 years. No wonder there are so many billionaires in US when they treat employees as quasi slaves.