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Rumours and Stuff


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Frizzell to tigers rumour has been around for a while, it’s potentially link with a Brook’s swap.

Here it is reported by Ready, a few days ago:



Just a small update.

The Warriors rumour is bullshit. He is staying with us. The Tigers back up plan is Tyson Frizell.

Even Tamou was just on nine news and said if he flips there will be no hard feelings because he wanted to play for Madge but wants him to decide now not the end of the season.
Some random caller from Maroubra rang up Vossy and Brandy on there SEN Radio Breakfast show this morning and gave them the same info you said here.

Frizzell to Tigers and Paps to stay.

He sounded firm even though Vossy & Brandy weren't fully convinced of the mail.


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Merkins. Oh you want my origin star? I have a kid who needs a top 30 gig and also a club that wants my hooker who is on your books. Perhaps if you by my wife a car we can do a deal ?

If not, I can't guarantee that half your spine will re-sign in 2024.


On Papali'i. Tigers should hit us up for Batemans transfer fee imo. Or atleast half of it.
They want 350k. They should ask us for 200k to release Papali'i. Would Papali'i be worth it still?
I reckon this is exactly how it will play out tbh. Papali'i will take maybe a 30k a year pay cut to stay. We will cough up 120k transfer fee spread over 3 or 4yrs. Tigers cough up perhaps the other 100k or so.

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