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Rumours and Stuff

I asked to be referred to a psychiatrist last year - I finally saw him three months ago (they're booked out like crazy).

I told him about my symptoms, and expressed to him that I don't think my brain is wired right - my thought process is completely abnormal, and my brain's ability to regulate my emotions is very, very poor.

He responded by saying that it is something that needs to be addressed through therapy, to rewire my brain.

I told him I understand what he was saying, but I've been dealing with this for 22 years, and it hasn't improved; I'm desperate, and am begging to either get some sort of imaging done, or have some medication to assist.

He refused, advising that CBT is the solution.

I told him that I believe in psychology, and I have no doubt that CBT would work - but that after seeing multiple psychologists, counsellors, therapists, etc. over the last 22 years, I have barely improved, and I am desperate to feel better.

He told me to eat better, and exercise more.

I completely understand that diet, and exercise, can keep your mind healthy - I explained to him that my condition allows me to start a good process, but it will not stick when things go wrong, because I cannot cope.

He brushed it off, telling me to keep doing my CBT.

The point of my story is to try to illustrate how simply some poor people can be pushed to make a decision such as that; when the people you pay a small fortune to for help insist that you will be OK after years of intensive therapy - but you're struggling, and in pain, right now -, sometimes, people feel there is no other option.

And it really saddens me.
Dr Georgia Ede might be worth a listen too. All the best mate.


Rocket man

I know of someone. Who lost a lot of weight would complain about leg pain slap their thighs and constantly walk in circles.
I thought with the excessive weight loss they probably had cancer.
They were taken to their GP who ruled out any physical problem and said they thought it was depression.
After seeing a professional and being put on medication they bounced back to their normal self.
I found out depression runs in their family.

I have plenty of free time and willing to listen if anyone needs to talk.

Keep safe.


Staff member
Does anyone know our cap space? We obviously have money for Papali'i so I'd assume 500k is all we have free but there maybe more ? If we also shed N.Brown (we would be chipping in) I am guessing we may free up another 250k.
We were prepared to pay $200k or so to sign a middle for this year, thus if that amount isn’t used this year could be used next year ……


I thought verbal agreements were legally binding?

If his manager or ppl in the room confirmed that they agreed to something and that something is no longer there, then the tigers broke the contract
They are binding if they can be proven and are valid. Otherwise, not worth the paper they're written on.


That's exactly right mate, as someone who's been left behind to deal with it, it really sucks.

I can't pretend to know what people go through prior to doing such a thing but its the loved ones who are left behind that suffer the most.
I was 'left behind' 27 years ago and whilst I probably spent the first 10 years thinking I was suffering the most, i"ve realised in the last 10 that their suffering was no doubt infinitely worse.

Stay safe everyone and take care of yourselves and each other.


Sorry to hear that mate. At the risk of being someone to offer unwanted advice which you've probably had more than enough of I'll just say that depression and other mental health issues are some of the things that gets mentioned by people trying a low carb and especially carnivore diet over and over again. I've heard dozens of testimonials from people and to me they are utterly convincing. A very recent study on the carnivore diet reported 93% of people having an improvement in mental health. For the life of me I can't remember now what the YouTube channel with those testimonials was named. It was with Dr Shawn Baker and the company is now called revero. It's not just that site either but I've heard it from so many people.
Maybe it works. I'm on low carbs and plenty of meat as well and not depressed. Under 20g per meal of carbs so not full keto but close enough.

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