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Fwiw Ive had 4 X Vax. Got covid within one month of my last. Full course of anti virals. Still positive 10 days in and still having symptoms. In short. Who the fu*k knows. And as annoying as that is it means NO FU*KING STERLOS AND FOOTY FOR ME TONIGHT.
Somebody please blow a kiss to Captain Rankin for me.
Go My Magnificent Eels.
Ill be there booing cheering Captain Rankin tonight for you mate.


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Fwiw Ive had 4 X Vax. Got covid within one month of my last. Full course of anti virals. Still positive 10 days in and still having symptoms. In short. Who the fu*k knows. And as annoying as that is it means NO FU*KING STERLOS AND FOOTY FOR ME TONIGHT.
Somebody please blow a kiss to Captain Rankin for me.
Go My Magnificent Eels.
Well that sucks bad - how dare it spoil footy!! .... you didnt have the paxlovid virals hey? Its a known fact you end up with a second covid from it (someone fact check me if you want - fauci says it happened to him) ... maybe the other one is the same???


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My late father suffered from depression. Hardly ever took his meds for it but I convinced him to later in life when he was battling cancer. Before he got sick he was always threatening to self harm and did it a few times but not properly as now I see that it was just a cry for help.

He used to anger me with his carry on but now that he is gone I miss him terribly.

Your family would also miss you. Stay strong and always speak to someone even if it’s on this silly forum.

I am so sorry :(

I've actually had a psychologist tell me that my suicidal thoughts are attention-seeking behaviour.

He claimed I had an aversion to CBT - I told him I am desperate to do anything to feel better, but I've felt like this for 22 years, and nothing has helped much, so I am desperate. He basically told me to sick it up.

Needless to say, I never went back to him.

There is a fine line between getting support, and being coddled.

I told my psychiatrist that the reason I needed psychiatric intervention was to stabilise my brain, while I sought CBT therapy; I don't have the luxury of seeking CBT for 3 more years, as I have felt like a husk of a person for 22 years, and cannot take much more.

I am fortunate that I've not taken it further.


That's so awful :(

I've seriously thought about suicide, myself, multiple times.

The only thing that has stopped me from doing it is thinking that it would end my pain, but my wife, and son, would feel pain that would not heal.

But I understand how things can deteriorate to a point that you just can't take it any more.

And I also understand all too well why people often don't see it coming - people can hide it very well.

Mental health is just such an important part of your overall well-being.

I've struggled with depression for 22 years, and it is tough.
What things help?
I find I am good if I am in a good gym routine or other fitness routine, diet but with other obligation those can get neglected. Good habits make a big difference for me. Also laying off the booze helps massively.
But ferk I slip into bad habits quick.
Edit: sorry I had fallen behind in the thread so I didn’t see all the great posts after this one. My post is very late and the question addressed. I hope everyone has a magnificent Friday and weekend.
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I describe it as "acting" through life.

I have to act like I have normal thought processes; I have to act like I am doing OK; I have to act like I am a people person.

Putting on that mask is so psychologically draining, and it means that I can't sleep well, I overeat, I get stressed, I eat more, and I lash out at my loved ones.

I live my life in constant anger, because other people experience the highs of life - all I can feel are the lows.

I adore my son - but my brain focuses on my lack of sleep, how he is always sick (and how it affects my work), and how it impacts me.

I don't consider myself a selfish person, but I'm unable to arrest this thought process.

And it makes me feel even worse.

CBT has helped, but very, very slowly.

I've reached a point where the very act of living is so exhausting, that I feel that there's no point.

That's when the thoughts creep in.

It wouldn't solve anything, but it would end my pain.
You are an absolute legend mate and would have to be one the niced and well-liked posters on here. This is only an online forum but I can absolutely tell that you’re the kind of bloke I’d want to hang out with in the real world. Incredibly brave of you to share your personal experience and I have no doubt it’s helping someone on here to know they’re not alone and there are others in the same vote. Perhaps one day in the near future we could meet up at a game and make that real world catch up happen. Take care mate and I (and others on here) am always here if you need. Cheers
Thank you so much, mate.

I've been getting professional help since I was 15.

Things haven't really improved, which is why sometimes those thoughts creep into my mind, and I seriously consider them - it is just so mentally draining to constantly battle these demons, and after 22 years, I feel emotionally spent; taking that option may seem like an "easy" option to some, but it seems enticing at times, because it would end my suffering.

But I then think of my wife, my son, my friends... I can't be guilty of causing them that much grief.

But I tell you something - I love my 2-year old son more than anything else in the world, and the fact that these thoughts can still intrude my mind is absolutely terrifying.

If anyone ever needs to talk, I am here.

And please - reach out if you need help. There is absolutelyno shame in asking for help.
Wishing you and your family all the best mate.


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If he isn't signed up by Nov 1 our management us embarrasing themselves tbh.

Maybe not after Drown has stated:

“My manager would have communicated to the Eels to leave me alone (about contract stuff) until the season is done,” Brown told the Telegraph.

“I just don’t like it, I’d rather not sort that out now. Any distraction is a bad distraction when you are playing footy.”


Dylan Brown has advised the club he doesn’t want to discuss a contract extension in Sydney’s west until after the World Cup

To those here struggling with depression, feel free to message any time, happy to chat and listen, I know personally what you are going through.
If I may share as brief as I can. I was nearly a statistic 21 years ago. That was at a time when depression may have only just started to get spoken about but not well known. I didn't even know what it was until my new GF at the time told me she had it and everything she was going through mirrored exactly what I was going through. Things were just spiraling out of control, I felt hopeless, lost, had no purpose in life and all I was thinking about was a one way ticket out of here. I went to the doc who also happened to practice psychology and started doing some weekly treatments and was put onto meds. The meds seemed to flat line me and I didn't want to live on them so when I came off I went bi-polar, extreme highs and lows. I'd go back on meds, I flat lined, didn't want to live like that and went off them and every time I went off the cycle got worse. One night on one of my extreme lows I was thinking this is it, I'm out of here. As an atheist at the time I cried out to the great unknown up above and that moment changed my life in an instant. Hopefully that explains why I speak the way I do on other threads recently.
Now life has never been better, haven't had those issues except on the odd rare occasion. Haven't touched meds for 20 years, I love life, I have purpose and meaning and for me I found hope and I hope others struggling will find hope as well.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matt: 11:28

Poupou Escobar

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If I drink I get depressed. Not while I am drunk but that days after.
My own experience with depression was a brief period (maybe six months) about a year after getting out of the army. I had never experienced anything like it before. Turned out the problem was I had stopped exercising and was unfit for the first time in my life. I solved it by buying some weights and training regularly. I also try to limit my alcohol intake.

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