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Never ever listen to forumers when they call players slow...

Good. You should be making up your own mind.

BTW, when I say slow I mean more his reaction time in defense and how he telegraphs his intentions not so much his running speed.

He will get better at this, but the question is how much better? If he can make it NRL standard better then he will have a good career. If he can't he will be a fringe player at best.

Only the trainers and time can tell us definitively how it will turn out. I tend to think he will make it but only just because of this shortcoming. But if he can find some new type of training regime/program that can successfully improve that slow twitch reaction, then he could almost become real quality given time and the right atmosphere.


Post Whore
So when we’re shit it’s because of the coach but when we’re good it’s in spite of him? How f**king convenient merkin
Yeah that’s right the coach had nothing to do with anything. I don’t know why we bother hiring one. Being a small club with no money of course.


Post Whore
but according to you, BA only has one game plan and it hasn't changed for 10 years
And for the first 3 or 4 weeks you could see we were attacking differently, then it was back to Bald ball. Further proof he is a Tithead and can’t delegate.
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84 Baby

All I’m saying is the way we attacked earlier in the year changed after about 3 or 4 weeks.
I actually think that change comes back to our woeful middle defence. The biggest change is Junior is no longer attacking so wide and I think that’s an instruction to him to conserve energy.
I hate to scapegoat but the way Hodgson (and Hopgood to lesser extent) defends forces so much style change

the phantom menace

First Grade
Obviously we need to win. The point is we’ve shown enough quality to know that we should be confident every game rather than writing the season off.
Yeah... nah. We've shown that we're not yet capable to turn that quality into the wins we require. Obviously you want the coach and players to still believe that they can... but the real fundamental question is why they haven't.

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