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Mortimer had a better kicking game, better running game, was a better cover-defender. Great leader, too. He shades Sterling, in my opinion.
Ummm no Mortimer kicking game was definitely not in sterlos league, not even close. Mortimer had a good chip kick and that’s it. They were completely different players but sterling managed a game at a different level to Mortimer.

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I'm fine with the decision not to allow him back, but it just seems a weird one considering some of the players that are still allowed to play in the NRL.

I think at some point the NRL has to draw a line in the sand. Unfortunately as Delboy pointed out I think this may be more of a case of favouritism towards which clubs wanted Scott rather than them actually taking a stand about who is employed.


Maguire comes across like a boofhead to me. I've never been impressed with him an any interview and his recent one with Weidler after becoming the NSW SOO coach doesn't make me change my mind.
Haven't seen it but weidler interviews are hard to judge.

Bloke is a leech looking to make himself the centrepiece with dumb questions and get a story out of it.

I don't read much into the body language as Danny is cramping them for room anyway.

Freddy had to go pure and simple. Time was up.

Madge did win a comp at Souths no other coach has done for 50 years.


I’ve known a few alcholics, none of them were ever charged with domestic violence.

Maybe if it happens once you can say it was maybe the liquor but if it happens repeatedly it’s who he is. Hiding behind alcohol is pretty pathetic IMO.
Fair point. I'm only talking about the alcohol aspect. I don't have enough information about the domestic violence charges to form an opinion. You say it was repeated?

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Horses for courses. Sterlo was the best fit for Parra, Mortimer was the best fit for the Dogs. We all seem to lose sight of is that Parra had a very good team in those years overall. Paul Taylor was my unsung hero from that era.

Taylor is the greatest eel never to play rep whilst at the club.

he probably should of made the 86 kangaroo tour as a utility.

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