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Sack Griffin


He also said "Cronulla need to be comfortable playing ugly". Wow, just wow. Also stated, he doesnt believe in the short drop out. Hence why we had no idea how to defend them early in the season.
Looks like every other team in the NRL believed in the short drop out, and every other team knew we were piss poor at doing anything with it !!!! That is what kind of dinosaur coach we had.
Just been reading Andrew Webster’s book on Wayne Bennett, “The Wolf You Feed”. Interesting read especially his take on Anthony Griffin. When Bennett was leaving us he was linked to going back to the Broncos. The Broncos wanted to sign him for four years and then have Griffin takeover.

Bennett met with Griffin but wasn’t impressed. “I had the worst meeting with any guy I have met with in my life. I decided there and then I wasn’t going to come back.”

Further comments he made to the Broncos. “If you want Griffin as your future coach, you can have him. I’m not coming”.

“Things could have been different if I could come without making Griffin my assistant coach”.


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