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Souths game

dungay dragon

Where has that first half been all year?
Good win but they dropped right off in the 2nd. Got a bit lazy and patchy but glad to get the win. Well done boys!
Outstanding first 40 boys ,,,,wow...Lawrie Amone Hunt Suli could go on and on ....
One negative WOODS ...should never be included in the 17 again
wood even give Kerr another crack whose killing it in 2s or strongly consider Eel Nathan Brown to add some starch and intensity ...


I'm 3-3 starting off threads.
In originally posted I said Rava will get a try,he got 2.
In the 1st half we did a Souths on them.
Momentum rarely keeps going for the Dragons but did tonight.
2nd half was more like us, shame we couldn't go on with it.
Let in 2 soft tries,but Souths do have a habit of scoring btb tries v us.
That Hunt intercept snuffed it, phew.
We gave them a little but of a sniff but.we got there.
If you gave me a twenty point win before kick off I'd take it and run.

Dragon David

We were great in the first half and I was hoping that half time didn't come around because our record in second halves have not been good. The boys were pumped for Macca tonight and I hope that they can continue to do the same in the remaining games. We need to win all our home games now which will put us at 26 points on the ladder, which could be good enough for us to be in the top 8.

Jeffdragon needs to start the next thread v the Raiders. Good on you Jeff 3 from 3 is terrific.


First Grade
Good to finally see the attacking skills of our strike players and also the commitment in defense by the entire team . Well done !

Overall a tremendous 1st 40 minutes by the Dragons with Souths putting more into their game in the 2 stanza . Still the Dragons restricted them to only the 2 tries . That in itself was very pleasing .

I'm Hornby

Big critic of lawrie but tonight played well. He really seems a 17th support player for me. Can play well when his side ison top . Don’t doubt though his bravery in his hit. Ups.
Yep he played really well and proved me and a few others wrong who wanted him in reggies for this one.

Would be great to see him find some consistency and lead the pack with performances like that week in and week out, however if he is true to form he will go missing for the next couple of games against the Raiders and Broncos before springing back to life again.

qld redvee

was great to watch that first half now if we can only keep it up. Only just saw on the stats that simms only played 55 minutes did he get an injury or something as I would think he would be an 80 minute player ..
And why does aaron woods stay on for longish minutes ? once he gets tired he is useless dump him and give hunt or kerr another crack we need better
dressing room should be going off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragon Blood

Blake Lawrie was absolutely enormous...


11 runs for 124m (Most of anyone in the team. Almost double that of any other forward and 30 metres more than Ramsey who is second with 92m) and 33 post contact (equal most of anyone)

Should be enough to keep the pitchfork mob at bay for another week...
Nah, I still stand by my comment from last week that Bitch Tits Lawrie and Birdie knum nubs are wasted resigning and waste of 2 vital positions and salary cap. Personally can’t see their impact and value to justify them being in 1st grade.

Poor mans Borey Snormam with pornstar attempted moustache was just ok for the first 10 mins then crickets. I’ll admit he didnt deserve 10 but was just very meh in the second half

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