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Team List Tuesday Rnd 7 vs Knights

T.S Quint

With Cartwright and Greig going forward in the 19, then you'd expect Arthur is comfortable if Opacic is a game day scratching that a) Jakob comes into the halves and Dylan slides over to centre or b) Cartwright comes in at centre.

I'm still keen to see the middle rotation strengthened, through either Papali'i doing big minutes in that role (with Matterson covering edge) and/or Greig being picked in the 17 so that Makatoa or Kaufusi can have a week off and refresh.

Refresh from what? It’s round 7.
If they can’t play 7 games in 7 weeks then maybe NRL isn’t for them.

Parra Cheeses

P!ss poor selection J Arthur. What’s his dad doing. We are a form halves pairing that he is just broken up.
there will be backlash if they lose. I’m embarrassed.