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TLT: Round 2 Pre Season Challenge - 2023 cut and paste


First Grade
I like the bench. Hope McInnes starts in the season proper and would like to see if we get the best out of Tobes on the bench.
Interesting to see the bench Williams, Colquhoun, Rudolf, Hazelton.
With Finucane to come back I am guessing they are fighting for 3 of the bench spots.
No Uele guessing still injured.
Interesting list of reserves with no Stonestreet or Bradbury, I believe both in top 30.
Good to see Vea'ila make it though he looks a good mover couple of years away though, but let's see how he goes with limited minutes again


So who are we missing? BHU, Toby? We got f**k all depth this year unless something happens with the youth, that looks f**king shakey at best.