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TLT: Round 2 Pre Season Challenge - 2023 cut and paste


First Grade
Dogs this dogs that… Crichton is awesome this and that… sharks just put on a try.


Been playing by myself in the wrong thread LOL

Nearly time.

I'd like to see #541 and #557 combine better than #557 combined with #??? last week.

Hope #533 gets through the game well. His toe is cactus.

#515, #513 and #527 will have to be on their toes to control Kikau, Flatnose and JAC.

I expect better from #539 this week and want #556 and #537 to rip in from the outset
Dogs have a real serious, here to play look about them.
Flatnose has switched sides tonight. Critta on the left8 as he was at Panfas
Also, that was a classic dumb challenge from Sharks.
Kicking game is poor.
Our scrum on halfway. Chance to swing momentum. Don't need anything clever. % footy only
Yep. Predictable momentum swing. Good line #539 off #528 from DH.

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