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Western Corridor NRL bid


The afl cleary had these plans for a while and waited till they had the stadium and land making it easier to put the proposal forward. I like to think of it as though the sharkies had the idea first (due to owining the land) of developing around the stadium. The afl are proposing something a bit bigger I guess. What annoys me the most is the hide of the afl asking for government funds to build it. No doubt they would use modeling and stats to show that a development that size would bring dollars to the state and blah blah blah.

Look I personally feel that the Nrl should take what the sharks have done (afl might do) and try doing that with other club stadiums. Manly, St George, Suncorp, Canberra and I'm sure others. Obviously council, state and federal governments need to be consulted but proposing it the right way the nrl could denefit greatly.


scabs at it again


Gillon McLachlan to meet with Queensland government over new Brisbane Lions base
Andrew Hamilton, The Courier-Mail
May 9, 2017 6:17pm

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan will meet with State Government ministers on Wednesday to push the case for a boutique stadium at Springfield.

The AFL want the Government to contribute $15 million towards the stadium, which would incorporate the Brisbane Lions new training and administration base.

McLachlan has a scheduled meeting with sports minister Mick de Brenni. He is also hoping for the opportunity to personally assure Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk of the AFL’s commitment to the sport in Queensland and its intention to make a major financial contribution to the new development.

It is the first time McLachlan has personally entered the fray with the Palaszczuk government in the Lions’ long-running battle to find a new home.

Sources say the club has never been closer to striking a deal.

It is understood Brisbane have secured a funding package from the AFL and Ipswich City Council worth $15 million for their new headquarters and have been offered a peppercorn lease on the land from the Springfield Land Corporation.

The AFL is desperate to get a venue suitable for the successful AFLW competition and also pre-season JLT matches.

Brisbane’s long-term agreement with the Gabba restricts its access to its home ground until the first AFL premiership match of the season.

The Lions have taken home pre-season games to regional Queensland and Burpengary in recent years and the women’s side played their home-and-away fixtures at Brendale.

Brisbane have the worst facilities in the AFL by a long way but have struggled to interest either the Federal or State Government in their plight.

However, investing in women’s sport is seen as a vote winner.

The AFL and Ipswich will fund the training and administration base, which will house both men’s and women’s teams if the State Government will contribute to the construction of a stadium with a small grandstand and hills and terraces that could house 15,000.

The Lions drew a crowd of 15,610 for the AFLW Grand Final against Adelaide, which was played at Metricon Stadium after Gabba officials refused access to the ground over concerns over the state of the pitch following the Adele concert.

It plunged already strained relationships between the Brisbane Lions and the AFL and Stadiums Queensland to a new low.

Last time the Lions were considering a move to Springfield it created internal divisions within the club between those who saw it as an opportunity to secure their future and another faction who believed the club would lose its Brisbane identity if they moved into a different city.

There was also concerns over Lions chairman Bob Sharpless’ potential conflict of interest in his role as vice-president of SLC.

However, Sharpless is scheduled to stand aside as Lions chairman at the end of the present term.

The Lions eventually walked away from the initial Springfield proposal when $15 million in promised Federal Government funding fell over when the Gillard government lost power.

Does the Afl realize that there is a stadium in Brisbane called the Gabba? I really hope the qld government makes them aware of that little detail. The Afl has a contact in Springfield land Corp that would definitely help there cause but using the aflw as a reason for a brand new stadium to be funded by tax payers....? Incredible! The Lions (have wanted to move there anyway) will end up moving there base there as well and ask for a upgrade of the stadium. Gabba will become a ghost stadium.

The afl are trying to get into Ipswich/Springfield first because to tie up that land so the nrl can't get it and using anything possible to achieve it.

What is wrong with the aflw Brisbane on using the Gabba? The Gabba is use to sub 10k crowds.

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