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Wine thread


Post Whore
Jim Barry "The Nurse Series" Cab Sauv 2020. Without any evidence, I am assuming that this is a charitable version of "The Cover Drive" as $1 per sale goes to the McGrath Foundation.

Very grippy, particularly since this is Clare Valley Cabernet and not Coonawarra. Though this wine doesn't have Brett it does have a "9V battery" flavour to it which is very offputting. Graphite and liquorice make up the rest of the flavour notes with a very long finish.

Thank goodness this has a charitable portion to it, otherwise there would be no redeeming feature to it.

Have always hated the Cover Drive cab

Tbh I'm no fan of Clare Reds in general but for an objectively good winery AND my favourite cricket shot the Cover Drive has never been an enjoyable wine for mine.

I came in here to post about another wine but I'd already reviewed it. But can double down on the Roxanne the Razor Negro/Nero blend. Brilliant little wine


Post Whore
St Hallett Blockhead Shiraz Nouveau 2021.

Felt like something easy and yum and this fits the bill. Classic Barossa Shiraz colour, but the nose is much more restrained and pretty. Blue flowers, wild berries ripe on the bush, just a hint of black spices.

Tastes pretty much how it smells. It won't be for everyone - I can see the old heads who want a Barossa Red to be so big and sweet you have to chew it saying it tastes watered down, but I actually like that. It's got all the right flavours but done with some restraint. Jammy and fruit driven but not heavy.

I guess if you've ever wanted a Barossa Shiraz that was more like some of those absolutely neckable red varietals, this is the one. I rate it.

Personally I think this is a great marketing move for the future too. With so many great varietals out there now, and so many different styles, I feel like people have steadily been moving away from huge jammy old school reds.

They say it works with a couple of ice cubes in summer as well. Might be a bridge too far but I can definitely see it handling a good chill by the BBQ


Post Whore
2013 Pooley Cooinda Vale Pinot - Coal River Valley, Tassie.

Smells like hibiscus tea, or maybe dried rose petal and black tea, slightly sappy cherry from the small percentage of whole bunches, a little bit of mossy earth.

It's just. So. Silky. Good pinot has a sense of purity in the mouth, and this definitely hits that mark. Clean, bright cherry, dark and almost sweet. Rose water, but as an aromatic high note, not in a cloying sense. A little clove, Szechuan pepper, and a savoury tea acidity on the finish.

Unlikely to be able to find the 2013 but I highly recommend grabbing a current vintage if you see it around (albeit over $50)


Staff member
@Drew-Sta 's Monty. Which I think is the last of the mixed six pack? Have lost count.

I like it. It's just really easy, but it's also not basic or boring. Some red fruits, slightly tart rather than sweet. Starts to lean a little darker as it goes down. Cocoa powder, a clean little savoury line that feels a little herby and meaty. For almost all of these I think the tannic structure has been really good.

If I was to be critical I'd say that it's probably slightly over the odds cost wise for similar examples, but honestly I'm lucky enough that I don't care so much about 5 bucks here and there if I enjoy the wine, and it does have a character of its' own so it wouldn't stop me buying again
Yeah, the prices were set with the idea of discounting down.

We're making some changes for next vintage but its been a steep learning curve.

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