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2023 R17 Sun - Brisbane 12-18 Gold Coast @ Suncorp

Round 17: Brisbane v Gold Coast

  • Brisbane Broncos

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • Gold Coast Titans

    Votes: 5 62.5%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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NRL 2023 - Round 17
Brisbane Broncos v Gold Coast Titans
Suncorp Stadium, Milton / Yuggera-Turrbal, Milton (TICKETS)
Sunday 25 June 2023

Gates 11:30am, 12pm Confraternity Carnvial, NRL kickoff 2pm. Broadcast live on Fox League, Kayo Sports.


1. Reece Walsh 2. Corey Oates 3. Kotoni Staggs 4. Herbie Farnworth 5. Selwyn Cobbo 6. Ezra Mam 7. Adam Reynolds 8. Thomas Flegler 9. Billy Walters 10. Payne Haas 11. Brendan Piakura 12. Jordan Riki 13. Patrick Carrigan 14. Tyson Smoothy 15. Corey Jensen 16. Kobe Hetherington 17. Martin Taupau 18. Jesse Arthars 19. Keenan Palasia 20. Deine Mariner 21. Xavier Willison 22. Jock Madden 23. Tristan Sailor 24. Cory Paix

Out: Kurt Capewell (second row)
In: Corey Jensen (bench)
Changes: Brendan Piakura (bench to second row)


1. AJ Brimson 2. Alofiana Khan-Pereira 3. Brian Kelly 4. Aaron Schoupp 5. Phillip Sami 6. Kieran Foran 7. Tanah Boyd 8. Moeaki Fotuaika 9. Sam Verrills 10. Tino Fa'asuamaleaui 11. David Fifita 12. Joe Stimson 13. Isaac Liu 14. Jayden Campbell 15. Erin Clark 16. Jaimin Jolliffe 17. Klese Haas 18. Chris Randall 19. Iszac Fa'asumaleaui 20. Jojo Fifita 21. Kruise Leeming 22. Jo Vuna 23. Keano Kini 24. Ken Maumalo

Out: Kruise Leeming (bench), Iszac Fa'asuamaleaui (bench)
In: Kieran Foran (five-eighth), David Fifita (second row)
Changes: Jayden Campbell (five-eighth to bench), Klese Haas (second row to bench)


Referee: Chris Butler
Sideline Officials: Darian Furner, Jarrod Cole
Video Referee: Kasey Badger

Burleigh^ v Tweed^ at UAA, Sat - Colts 1pm / QLD Cup 3pm
Wynnum^ v Redcliffe at BMD Kougari, Sun - Colts 12pm / QLD Cup 2:10pm
Norths^ v Souths Logan^ at Bishop, Sun - Colts 12:20pm / QLD Cup 2:30pm​
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Ahh beware of the team who just sacked their coach.

Might make this game a bit interesting. Otherwise the Broncos should stroll through.


First Grade
Our origin players should all be quite fresh. It's not like they had to do much last night


First Grade
I’m waiting for the Bronco train to derail but don’t hold much hope for Titans pushing it off the tracks. I want to see Reece Walsh humbled at some stage this year. Hopefully in the finals.


Broncos by 50. I think the Titans players actually liked their coach. Will be interesting to see how they respond to Holbrook's sacking.

They've got to be excited by Hasler though since he's taken teams to finals more often than not and the Titans were/are headed for another losing season.
Want to keep your coach? Don't blow 20 point leads. Wins and losses are the only currency the coach has.

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