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3-2-1 v Panthers

cometh the hour cometh the kids
3 Roache, is now number 2 hooker
2 Tuaupiki
1 Leiataua
I was looking forward to this game cos win or lose we were going to see something different and we sure did, most exciting game of the season and possibly with least people watching. I reckon a lot of fair weather fans swapped to Blues last weekend in search of a sure thing
Roach has to play for a few weeks to give Egan's brain a rest.

Brian potter

Only the warriors could have pulled off a victory like this with their previous losing streak and long injury list.


Staff member
3. Tuapiki. The last conversion showed how much he wanted to win
2. Barnett
1. Roache

HM. CNK. Showed we have a left side attack.

They played with real energy and for each other. Great performance.


3. Barnett - We don't win that without hard gritty effort in the middle, he was outstanding
2. Tuaupiki - Remember he bombed the kick-off and it led straight to a try, incredible turnaround
1. CNK - Playing out of position, but quality runs, solid defence and a good assist

HMs everywhere but especially to the Bald Bros, we are a VERY different side when they spark up.
Montoya for all his derps is still worth his spot.

Only AFB looked off.
03 - Taine Tuaupiki (Aimed up after the first kick error, his best game and first try well done)
02 - TMM (Matured into the game it was a great performance)
01 - Jazz Tevaga (Aimed up after his bad captains challenge. He cut people down with his precise tackling and controlled venom)

HM: The whole team both veterans and rookies stood up. Paul Roache is x10 better than Lussick.
HM: Webby for his ownership on parts where he got it wrong and learning to become a solid first grade coach.


Still buzzing...

Also really hard to give points, but in a good way!

3 - Roache - Huge effort. Tackles big for a small fella. Service was crisp, too. Without that, we would've really struggled to combat Penrith's line speed. Would prefer him on the bench ahead of Lussick
2 - TMM - I feel like he's been afraid to overcall SJ (also I feel like the entire playbook so far this season has been structured around SJ doing everything, and to a lesser extent, Egan) but was able to show that he's actually a top quality half
1 - TT - Didn't let that kickoff get him down. Nerves of steel when it counted

HMs - basically everybody. Jazz unlucky not to get points, as was CNK and Barnett

Impressed with Laban as well. Hit hard, ran good lines. I hope he's not hurt.

Feel like AFB hurt himself early. Hope he's okay, too.

Great to see Webby use the bench well (including bringing Jazz back on at the end when it was clear AFB was struggling). I hope he can see that spreading the load can work, and that trusting the guys you've picked on the bench can work, too.

Also was great to see some second phase play. That was a really important aspect of the win.

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