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94: Superthread 9 I

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really starting to fall for my ex. we have been talking and stuff, on sunday we will both be going to the beach where we have some severe memories. she says she is starting to fall for me again (despite her having a boyfriend who also is my tennis partner) things are getting weird. im really hoping it works out.
Mate, if you get embroiled in that, you'll have an even more dramatic situation than me. I'll gladly cede my thread to you :lol:

well mostly my life revolves around this one girl. with the occasional other girl. The problem is that i have this massive group of friends and because we all spend so much time together we get tangled up very easily. it's sort of like a pride of lions, the strongest one ends up on top. i'm near the top but girl's dont really like the designated driver and the responsible drinker. except this one. shes special. but shes a bit of a flirt.


Post Whore
I have a heart! It's just covered in ice...

I'd just like to say - congratulations on the job. All those chicken virgins I slaughtered finally did me proud. And now I can finally achieve my dream of stalking you in person.

All hail...I can't divulge his name on here, for He will kill me.
Not open for further replies.