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France wants to host 2025 World Cup

miguel de cervantes

First Grade
Nobody is saying don't project success, they are saying be reasonable. Learn to walk before you try to run.

Proving that they can find the investment to regularly host meaningful internationals would be a good start before trying to jump straight to the largest international competition.
fair point, but I guess they feel they could get better traction with a world cup than with a few one sided tests. what would possibly be better is a 50/50 split hosting with england, with deals encouraging travel across the channel in both senses. that could be well interesting, leveraging the popularity in england with the attraction of france and giving more reason for the french media to take interest. you think you could get good sponsorship for the implicit cross-exposure.


Rugby League has been learning to walk before it runs for 120 years and people still think that ambitionless rubbish is the answer to growth

Eric F

If Catalans win the Super League and Toulouse get promoted, it could do wonders for the sport in France.