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Match Discussion: Round 23 vs Dolphins @ Optus Stadium, Burswood / Whadjuk

Who will win? Round 23: Dolphins v Newcastle

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  • Dolphins 1-12

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  • Draw after Golden Point

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  • Newcastle Knights 1-12

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  • Newcastle Knights 13+

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His confidence was shot. He will hopefully learn from it. He tried to catch the ball with his face one time and he did get the try of the year scored on him as well. He will regain his confidence once he scored 4 against the Doggies.


Head Moderator
Friz has. Let's not pretend that Gagai hasn't had a few absolute clangers though, especially defensively. He's been awesome of late but much like Marzhew, he has that all-time shocker in him and that scares me. Hope his current form continues.

2 dud games from him.
Gagai would be top 3 most weeks this season.

If you were to do a 321 for the year -

3. Ponga
2. Gagai
1. Hastings

You could make an argument for both Frizell/Marzhew instead of Hastings.


I seem to remember me being the only one that was super excited by the trade and we’ve gotten exactly what I expected. I also think his defensive deficiencies have been overstated.

He’s not perfect but he’s provided us plenty and contributed his fair share and more to any win we’ve had this year.
I thought he’d give us good yardage but I think his finishing has been a nice surprise as well. All in all I think he’s definitely provided a lot more of good than bad.


Marzhew has been far more good than bad this year. One bad game doesn't warrant any action. He's in a highly volatile position, these things happen. It'll happen again and it probably won't justify dropping him then either. To his credit, he didn't shy away from his work despite the set backs.