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Match Discussion: Round 26 vs Sydney @ Allianz Stadium, Moore Park / Gadigal

Who will win? Round 26: Sydney v Wests Tigers

  • Sydney Roosters 13+

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Sydney Roosters 1-12

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Draw after Golden Point

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  • Wests Tigers 1-12

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  • Wests Tigers 13+

    Votes: 1 50.0%

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WA Tiger

What would you you have said TSP during interview.
Considering that it was his first effort I thought he did well.
As a junior coach he had to be a little tactful so he doesn't lose the respect and support of club and players and sponsors whilst on his L plates.
I know that sounds crappy but I put it to you that if you worked in an environment with several over employees and you stuffed up, would you liked to be ridiculed in front of your mates or would you rather be pulled aside.
Worse still is to be ridiculed behind their backs knowing that they are watching and are not there to defend themselves.
Even the successful coaches gloss over poor performances in the presser then give the boys a rocket behind closed doors and that usually is directed at the whole group. Most coaches look for the easy way out and blame the officials during interviews.
The team needs confidence and regain a winning culture and being continually run down by the press and it's supporters every day (warranted )would stuff their heads in.
Benji did highlight what the main issues were and I hope he can get the team to grind out wins and don't switch off.
I can see Benji getting better.
I'm hoping Benji listens to Morris and how to interact with the media because I think Morris has done well before.
It's too early to throw Marshall "under the bus"
I do get what you mean mate that the club needs an experienced coach and not one who is on his L plates.
Well they did try and noone, even Morris at the time, wanted to come to a coach killing club.
I'll give it to Benji thus far as he is full steam ahead. He just needs a good first mate and I think Morris is that person.
"Here's Johnny"
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And we’ve had 5 years of definately experienced coaches.. That didn’t work
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WA Tiger


“I got told a couple of the Wests Tigers boys said to him ‘you’re washed up, you’re yesterday’s man’, when they were in that scuffle there,” Rothfield said.

“They revved him up and he fell for it.”

This could be funny, except it's coming from us, the worst team in the comp.:(
I hope that battle with Stefano and Hargreaves continues next year with steff becoming the big dog as he will..he’s currently 23 and a slim 115kg
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