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NRL Rd 8 2023 - General Non-Warriors Thread

Dragons 5 tries to 4 over the Roosters but miss the conversions to lose by 1

Roosters looking ok but not great. Lodge not the same as last year
Radley must be stoked he playing us next week, any other team he would be sitting down for a week, my guess is a fine.

Beavers Headgear

First Grade
Vlandys has copped plenty over the tweaking of the game, but the style of footy so far this season has been spot on and great to watch.

still 20 to go but both games have been thoroughly entertaining and the fatigue is coming into the games and opening them up


That call was an absolute disgrace, thought he was going to self combust on the way off haha
I thought so at first but kind of changed my mind, it was still contact with the tackled player’s head whether it was his head or arm/shoulder that made the contact. He still has the duty of care as the tackler to avoid head contact and he went in somewhat recklessly.


First Grade
The Roosters pip St George in a thriller. We get done by the Storm and their officiating 'supporters'.

Rd 8 Ladder:


Bugger me, we've slid. Our f/a is crucial here, can you make finals with a negative one? Yes, I think but it's not a good look.

Sure, it's a close competition - one of the best in years - but, still, the way the top and bottom half are panning out it seems there's separation now.

The next few games are crucial for all sides. Hold on tight (to your dreams)!

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