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R12 Dogs.


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Very negative and "glass half empty" comments here. The Dragons have won 5 of the last 7 games and sit in 9th position - a lot better than many posters would have believed possible. Just enjoy the win! And we won't be beaten next week either! Life is good!
I think the majority are happy with the win. People have their opinions. Perhaps you can enjoy the glass half full?


Very negative and "glass half empty" comments here. The Dragons have won 5 of the last 7 games and sit in 9th position - a lot better than many posters would have believed possible. Just enjoy the win! And we won't be beaten next week either! Life is good!

This year we look like a team that puts in effort each week. There are a couple personnel additions that have been positive.

Yes, in contrast to some recent years this one looks better on the whole. I agree with that. As far as perspectives, you could leave it at that and be content, that's your right and obviously a clear indicator for your barometer for success given we've well and truly entrenched ourselves as an also-rans club.

Some of us however long to be relevant as a team in this comp. One that will in the next couple years vie for the trophy. Viewed from this lens, commentary and assessment will be different to "we won, be happy!"

For mine the same deficiencies that have plagued the team for a decade remain firmly in place. These were on display in which we scored one more try than the last placed team. With Sloan and Sullivan running around in reserves, there's little to suggest we are a team on the rise anytime soon, and although we are still a 50-50 chance of playing finals I want to be seeing complete performances by our team by now. After this long I really don't think that can be viewed as ungrateful and negative support.

I support the Dragons. I'm glad we won today but I see a team still taking a step forward then a few back in a cyclical way. At least none of us are at that point where we are death-riding the club to get change.
Unsure which group of supporters is more disappointed.

Dogs would have been licking their lips prior to kick off.

Or us. Another ordinary performance from our side.

Very happy we got the 2 points.

We need greater creativity.

Bud for Mbye is a must.


Pretty uninspired by another scrappy loss when we had a chance to improve our for and against but spare a thought for the opposition. They let McCullough and Lawrie score...:oops:
Reminds me of the corresponding game last year when we made Adam Elliott look like an immortal.
Should have beaten the Gold coast - Lomax cost us that day .. top 8 w a bye next week would have been snuggled into the top 8 on 16…


The positive I see is that apart from the Titans game, we have won the games we should have this season so far. The Roosters win is a bonus (offsets the Titans loss). The Penrith loss is a bit of what could have been if not for the sin bins. While it would have been nice to beat Parra, Storm, the Rabbits and Gummies, most neutral supporters would say these teams are ranked higher than us.

We have beaten the Warriors (× 2), Tigers, Newcastle, and Dogs, which I would suggest in seasons gone by we would have lost at least 2 of those 5 games and be all but out of semi contention even this early in the season.


We desperately need a half back who can control the game and has a good kicking game. I thought Amone was looking much better in both attack and defence and was taking a lot of ball as first receiver. I do not understand where Bird fits, he adds no impact as a second rower and his defence with Hunts is terrible. How many tries have been scored against us this year because one of them runs up out of the line and misses.

Woods cops a lot of flak but he is one of the few players in our forwards who locks the ball up and controls the speed of the play the ball effectively. The number of times opposition get away offloads when Lawrie, Simms, Bird or De Belin are in the tackle is ridiculous. Mybe also cops flak but at least he makes really solid first contact, generally does not fall off the tackle and tries to wrap up the ball. There were times against the dogs when he had opportunities to pass, from little dummy half runs, to players running into holes but held on. I think it must be difficult to play a bit of everywhere and have your vision and timing up to speed for each position.


I make a point of turning down the volume so I care barely hear them. I used to have this thing called football mode on my sound system and you could hear some things by not the commentators. Either way, I find the experience much better when I don't have to listen to the commentators.

Think about it, when you go to the ground to watch football, you don't hear the commentators and you're richer for the experience

I don't have Fox at home. But I went to a pub today. Big screen. No sound. It was great.
I have Sports Ears which has the commentary and the refs in my ear.


Happy to be corrected. I'm recalling something I saw (or thought I saw) on TV 15+ years ago. False memories can happen. He's still a boofhead.

I have always known him as a Roosters supporter, as do my Easts supporting friends.
You only have to watch the Fox telecast of the 2010 Grand Final and listen to the whinging throughout the whole game on every slight decision that went against the Roosters.
I usually notice his bias to the roosters in every other game I watch on Fox also.
I don't think he has forgiven the Dragons for 2010.