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Rd5: Eels v Titans GAME DAY THREAD @ CBus Stadium 9/4/22

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He's got quick feet as well. He actually looks too good for reserve grade, so he must have some serious flaws.
That flaw being he was formerly a Tigpie.
I like what Ive seen of Cini but am yet to see his ability under the high ball. Hes quick and tough. A decent size as well.
Niukore to center to ease him back and Oppy to the wing for mine. Matto and Carty on the bench to spell Marata if need be. I think they proved yesterday they are good enough utilities if required without causing a dramatic backline upheaval.

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In the second half, when Moses stripped or knocked out the ball from a Titans player in their ingoal, so he doesnt run off and get a quick tap going from his 20. Should that have been a sin bin? Pretty sure that is a bin offence?

If we dodged a bullet there, evens out Paulo being sent for 10

Though astonished Herbert I think it was, that hit Opacic in the head in our ingoal. Should have been in the bin., worst case a penalty

Ref said it was a long pass so they wouldn't have been able to take the quick tap


Lol....Big Nelson not even a suspension. Very funny.
Can't we use this as precendence?

Sir, this was not deemed as attacking the head how can powlos be?

If it was attacking the head, how come the Trainers and medical ppl didn't call for an hia?

So who made the wrong call?


My 2 cents from the game.

While the referee should not have went back and checked on those 2 plays as it was not the direction, both calls were ultimately correct and i prefer getting decisions right rather than wrong, kudos to the Titans for backing themselves, especially the second one as they absolutely knew they would have someone in the bin if they were wrong. I actually think it should be able to be challenged that way, i hope it stays.

I am ok with the Paulo decision, while his shoulder did hit AJ's shoulder, it was sailing close to the wind and AJ's head was hit.......take the risk, accept the result. The only disappointing thing is that the referees and the NRL in general seem to only care sometimes and not others about player welfare and safety. At a minimum AJ should have went off for a HIA with the force of that tackle.

I think we got away with a try as a Titans player was technically obstructed, i've seen them pulled up plenty.

We were the better team, deserved to win but we definitely lost focus on those 2 challenges and need to learn to play through that type of adversity a little better as the better teams won't let us back in as easily.

At this point of the season i don't care how we win, just as long as we do and it doesn't have to be pretty.


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I don't like this at all, but we might have to.

I think the idea of putting Marata at centre with no match fitness and coming off a leg injury and not an NRL game for over 6mths and expecting him to play 80mins at centre is far greater risk then leaving Opacic where he is and blooding a young guy.
Laizou,Cini,Naiduki and Perham are 4 young guys who have some potential. Is there a better game to blood them then against the worse side in the comp at home?

We are also assuimg Blake injury is serious and Russel isn't back.


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  • Dally M votes: 3 - Clint Gutherson, 2 - Reagan Campbell-Gillard, 1 - Mitchell Moses. Judge: Paul Whatuira.

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Opacic's defense at centre is way too good to move him to the wing for - we would be better off with him babysitting Loizou/Naiduki/Perham on the wing, imo.
We might see Penisini to left wing (as per a few weeks ago when Blake strained his hamstring) with one of the back rowers at right centre (maybe even Niukore).


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26-20.... A Titans player deserved 1 point. Imo Herbert was fantastic.


Made 12 tackles, missed 1, two were ineffective
One of those tackles he clonked Opacic in the head in the ingoal, and nothing was done.

Made a handful of good hits but was terrible and ineffective in attack in the second half when Titans had all the ball

Only 6 runs in total - only 3 others did worse. Brimson, the hooker and and one bench player
No tackle breaks, one handling error

I think we were far better than the scoreline suggested. Considering the officiating was one sided that 2nd half. Thought overall his centre partner Sami had a better game, as well are Clarke, Fifita and Marzhew all better than Herbert imo..
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