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Round 11 vs. New Zealand Warriors @Suncorp (Magic Round)

Another error - this is absolutely horrible. This game should be iced already. Warriors are shot but Panthers own errors giving Warriors a sniff
Are these guys getting sun stroke or something due to not playing day games? Dumb plays and passes. Errors. Rubbish handling
Panthers are only under the pump because of themselves. All this defence is their own fault. Ivan needs to give them a serving.

3 things gets them a win and so far

Holding the ball - Fail
Don’t give away dumb penalties - Fail
Trust defensive system - 50/50 because right side looks shaky.


Garner and Martin need to actually get in there and do some hard work.both just sitting wide doing nothing .Sorrenson helped straighten us up when he got on Lack of a strong kicking game on the last is killing us ad well .There starting in good feild position .Still we should get away with this game

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