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Round 19 v Sea Eagles


Mate when was the last time we were still in finals contention at this part of the season? Things might not be on the improve as fast as some would hope but that doesn't mean we're not competing more than we have in 3 seasons at least.

For Hook it's 1.5 seasons. For us it's 10.5 seasons since we were the formidable force we want our troops to be. With frustration towards the team and the club I think that's wherein lies the difference. As I said, if you feel supporters are impatient that's fair enough. You may be correct but we feel what feel and think what we think. There are comparisons in the NRL that support our view

There are several examples of clubs doing the rebuild in a much more smooth and satisfactory way than us. There are some very worrying signs with the way we do things - e.g top missed tackles team, flat clunky attack and a deep mental issue that currently pervades how we show up in second halves.

They showed resolve tonight. As I said it means nothing if we let a much classier team rip us apart next game at home. Sure the 9-9 record is nothing to sneeze at.

If Hook excludes Sullivan and Sloan and picks Mbye at 1 next week it will be another blow from the man charged with our redemption. Let's see.


It was a long second half.
Thought the Eagles would come back but we stuck to it.
Errors cost us any chance to build pressure
The set before they scored Hunt failed to get a kick away on the last,instead passed.
Lawrie was great tonight.
Burns also did well.hope we sign him.
Benny lead by example.
Wish the forwards would run on to the ball not stand so shallow.
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Good job from the boys tonight, without being great.

The line speed in the second half was just about non-existent, but hung in there well all the same.

Mbye - credit where credit is due, filled in well once Cody went off and we'll probably need more of that from him in the coming weeks.

Disappointed we only gave Bud a short cameo at the end. Glad to see nothing has changed from the Mary days.

We have a tough last six weeks coming up, and it starts next Sunday back out there on our hallowed turf. Need to jag a number of wins against quality opposition that will be featuring heavily come the finals.

I'm Hornby

We were in the eight after round 19 last year.
Be as technical as you want, but the bbq happened after round 16 and after the NRL handed down their punishment for that debacle, everyone one of us knew the season was over from there on in.

To think we were still in the top 8 at round 19 last year goes to show just how well the coach had the team playing in the early stages.

Aside from the misnomer we all know it's been a while.
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qld redvee

I was screaming at the tv with 25 to go - get sullivan on at hooker we need his pace out of dummy half ... Surely fresh legs was what was required and then to bring him on with 3 minutes thought bloody mary was back in the box
was impressed with lawrie and burns and mogo but once again Hunt to the rescue ... Lets see if we can build on this win and string a few together
Bird and Lomax need to exercise better judgment in attack.

Burns is a weapon in attack and a liability in defence.

We need to play Sloan as we lack speed in attack.

Sullivan needs to play for at least 20 minutes per game off the bench.

Mbye was very safe at full back but will not win you a game.

Amone has improved his defence. Nice kick for our second try.

Lawrie had another really good game.

Without Suli and Ramsey I expect the Cowboys to put us to bed early.

Sincerely hope I am wrong.