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Round 19 vs Newcastle


Spot on bud......unfortunately Griffin alone wont fix this mob as it stands today...at least 6 new players need to be added to this roster for starters....tbh they dont need to be super stars but be players that are willing to put their body on the line for the Red V.....you dont have to be Einstein to work out that on close observation 1 bloke will be having a real go and 4 wont.....or 2 blokes will be having a crack and 5 wont and so on......if you look at teams like The Roosters or The Storm for example its rare if at all that all 17 players are not playing their guts out for one another......our problem started when McGregor was appointed and our blokes knew that they wouldnt be dropped or dragged over the coals for repeated piss poor efforts on the field....you can have all the structures, set plays and game management that you wont, but if you dont have player management, discipline and selection based on performance you may as well go piss in the wind

One of the worst performances in the JV era. Newcastle have their own deficiencies which is why they didn’t put on 50+ points on us. We’ve never lost the McKinnon cup before.

A few things became obvious to me today;

- There were some in the rumours thread last week who were saying no to Josh McGuire. FFS we desperately need some mongrel in the middle. Our pack doesn’t have a leader. Paul Vaughan has disengaged when we really need him. I’m generally concerned about Lawrie & Ford maybe they are just no up to it. Hook needs to recruit at least 2 or 3 new hard nut grubs to toughen us up. The current pack is a joke. Perhaps we get back JdB which would be awesome but otherwise He needs to recruit number one priority.

- Kalyn Ponga will not have a long career he’s going to get bashed out of the game by continued concussions.

- All the hype around our youth coming through is real. All faith in Hook to develop them.

- Williame & Fuimaono are jokes, total duds. This is what happens when Millward is left unsupervised with money to spend. Hopefully Hook will stop these antics.

- Hunt had an opportunity to make a statement but he failed. I only remember him taking on the line once in the first half otherwise he was only catching & passing. Even under Hook Clune deserves to be the starting 7. We need a bigger body at 13 so that puts McInnes to 9 & Hunt at 14 or out the team.

- Norman looked better against Newcastle his passing & running game was an improvement. Perhaps Hook can get something out of him next year.

- Lomax is absolute class, our best players in 2020 & one of the better players in the NRL. Still so young with his best years ahead of him. Future Origin rep without doubt.

- Dufty feeling some pressure from Ramsey which is causing him to lift his game. Ramsey I think is quicker & more rounded. Will be fun watching those two fight it out next year

- Any lingering doubts about Dean Young not getting to top job should now be extinguished. He’s currently not a first grade coach.

bring 2021

Dragon David

Well the long and the short of it is that we are just not a first grade team overall. Some of the guys are giving it their all but most are poor and to me have clocked off and lost interest. Too many ups and downs for them and while Covid 19 has impacted on all of the teams in the comp, we have had too many dramas for the players to keep their minds on what is in front of them. A good clean out of several players is needed and those remaining given more motivation to do better. Signing up some big, hard running props desperately needed.

Our coaching staff inclusive of Flanagan has been of low standard to say the least. I still keep wondering what the players do at training and what motivation is given to them during these days supposedly practising. On top of this we definitely do not have the right person as the captain. We need a hard nut not a weakling.

Next week promises to be the one game that tops all others in terms of the number of tries that will be scored against us. Who honestly do we have to protect our try line from the rampaging Storm players?
Young said we wouldn’t have beaten Dapto today. One of the few accurate statements he’s made since taking the reins. Sadly, that is his true level. He should never have been placed in charge as an interim coach. It’s been McGregor light ever since and the damage wreaked in the last two months will reverberate for some time.

An outrageously incompetent display from a team setting new record lows in incompetence every week. Yes, the halves were terrible. Yes, some of our players would look more at place in park football.

But here’s our primary issue. No forwards ran for 100m. The forward pack has not performed for two years.
Frizell, 80 mins, 6 runs, 50m
Sims, 80 mins, 9 runs, 75m

These two were the chief offenders, among a pack who almost entirely phoned in soft performances.

It’s all well and good to peel off 30, 40 or 50 tackles a game but anyone who’s played rugby league knows the really tough stuff for forwards is in carting the ball forward, particularly out of you’re own end.

Defence is an anonymous caper and as a forward you are able to work in numbers. There’s nowhere to hide when hitting the ball into the teeth of three or four big men. You have to show ticker.

When the defensive line fails to push up in the middle and waits for opposition forwards to arrive over the advantage line, this is proof that your forwards do not have the bottle.

When you consistently miss simple one-on-one tackles on the line, you have a soft mentality, It’s as simple as that.

I’m not prepared to write off any half playing behind this gaggle of goons. These guys have to contend with playing off the back foot week in week out, without field position, without go-forward and without any level of meaningful protection.

the fact that Blake Lawrie is one of our most consistent performers in the middle is perhaps the saddest indictment of them all. Our senior rep forwards should be hanging their heads in shame at the rubbish they’ve turned in during the last two campaigns.


We know norman sucks balls but he has far greater potential of turning it around next year to become our half leader than hunt. Ben Hunt sadly is a shadow of his former self. Confidence is at a point where it’ll never come back. Coach change or not

He’s the Ian baker-finch of rugby league
I agree Overall
However I thought the same about Ash Taylor and he is improving up there under a better coach
The confidence is totally shot
Absolute shit kicks at times and generally dumb choices
he does try hard but not mentalLy tough enough

I am hopeful with a new coach , for many of these guys but we will soon see
If the year starts badly for him just drop him and tell him he should look greener and happier pastures


We’re posting selfies now?

Okay, I’ll join in.
So how did you enjoy prison life ?

The Badger

What is Young doing our team?

He sit down and work something out for next wee, Tonight both Feagai and Ramsey id a reasonable job and so I believe with an off season under their belt they will fit in fine next season. What really surprised me was the way Lomax slipped into Hunt's position, he is truly a versitile player.

There are so many of our players beyond the possibility of persorming at first grade standard and although a few backs will come in to fill the gaps, we badly need a more robust fullback in our team.

I would love to see the likes of Dufty, Saab, Sailor, Pereira, Williame, Norman, Hunt, Laurie, Ellis, K Sims and Merrin be moved on at the end of this season. We already have Frizell, Aitken and Lafai leaving to play with other clubs. We need a big cleanout to make things right at the Dragons.

I'd love us to bring in some bright young talent with a sprinkling of experience.

  • For 2021, I'd like to see:
  • Fullback - RTS or even JAC
  • Wingers - Ramsey and Feagai
  • Centres - Lomax and Feagai
  • Five-Eight - Maloney
  • Halfback - Sullivan
  • Lock - JDB if we're lucky
  • Edge Forwards - T Sims, a new recruit, Ford
  • Props - Vaughan, Welch, McGuire, Pangai Jr, Big O.
  • Hookers - McInnes and a new recruit
Griffin and his coaching staff have a big job ahead of him and I believe a big cleanout is needed in order to start on the right foot.
I like that side Possum.It looks like their is a lot of time being spent on hairdos and tattoos and very little on every basic in the game which this side does not achieve.We must get help quick for Lomax and Ramsay .They are very exciting but looks like they will be on their own next week and are definite targets for Bellamy.

Blood Shot Eyes

First Grade
Is there anyone who still thinks Hunt is "a fine player"?
"He's good enough for QLD so he's good enough for us"?
I'm so far done with him its not funny.
I actually think he should just be cut loose at end of this season.
Norman same boat.
Accept it, cop the salary cap pain and move forward.
Hunts never been the same player since he dropped the bomb in the GF against The Cowboys ....he wasnt a top liner but he has gone nowhere since joining us....maybe Griffin can get some more impact out of his game but Ive got my doubts tbh


I know I probably sound like an entitled so and so but has there been a public apology to fans yet after today? There really needs to be.
That game had the putrid stench of Mary all over it as endorsed by young Albert when he said that the players have stopped believing. Used to losing. It’s more than just that. It’s the wrong players. At the end there, they looked as bad as my tiger lot. Jersey shamers.

For example, Vaughn is now stock. He should be considering taking a serious pay cut.

I have some faith that Hunt and Norman can re-engage with Hook because he knows their game. They’d play better with very simple instructions.

Whatever people tell you, I think Hook can deliver on recruitment and so far as I know, that’s been a real issue for awhile. You can never get it perfect but you can reduce risk.

Many of the current Panther signings were done under Hooks watch while Ivan Cleary butchered our Tigers cap for 4 years. Many of these signings are young and just now coming into their own.

The Panthers are even happy to sacrifice their club captain to try to keep the younger boat afloat as player managers watch their assets rise in value.

I’d be surprised if Hook doesn’t punch out some results. Give him a full season to test things out and get his head around the club properly, find the next wave of kids and get them ready for the big time.

In the meantime, tweak and de-mary.
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