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Round 20 - Sharks vs Rabbitohs: Saturday 30th July 5:30pm @PointsBet Stadium


Well after watching the replay yes I’m gutted but also proud of the effort the boys out in overall. Losing Jed threw things out a bit as we had to move Trell to centre otherwise Nikorima would have been steamrolled. We showed we could go at it with a top team for long periods. It was the Ronaldo try on half time that hurt us bad but that was a brilliant try not much we could do to stop it.

Latrell: Too quiet for my liking in the first half we need him more involved and a bit busier than that 2 runs for 21 metres wasn’t good enough. He was hesitant to leap in the air defusing bombs so it makes me wonder is he carrying a leg injury? It was a good try from him in the second half but he didn’t go looking for the ball enough or make any tough carries he was missing. We need better in such a big game. He nearly missed the goal to get us to 20 all which shows where his head was at. Can’t believe he missed all 3 field goals but apparently in the warm up pre game he wasn’t nailing them either. I am sure Trell I’ll be filthy and take that loss hard. Still 6 for 62 metres we need much more than that.

AJ: Another lovely try from him. He was solid overall coming out of yardage too. We didn’t get him much opportunity second half.

Jed: Well he is made of glass poor bloke injured again. Such a shame as he was looking good early on. Not sure we can re-sign him he’s barely played over 3 years with us.

Tass: Was a strong game. Busted his guts out. 19 carries for 134 metres set AJ up for that try. He made 20 tackles in defence just missing 2. Had a poor error coming out of trouble but I’ll forgive him. I’m loving seeing Tass develop must keep him please Souths.

Paulo: Was solid overall took lots of carries. Had that costly error coming out of trouble though what a brain fart it was. Also not much idea under the high ball. Some are saying drop him but we can’t he’s the second best winger we have in the club currently. He was also missing in action in the play where Tom got sent off Jaxson should’ve been there stopping that.

Cody: Well he had an off night his timing was all off with his passes as well. Had a couple of issues with his discipline as well. He just didn’t look happy out there. Was a nice play to set our try up just after half time though a nice grubber. In the second half he didn’t call for the ball enough. Also his kicking game left a lot to be desired. We need much more from Cody than that.

Ilias: Well not a good night for him. From the start you could see it with his kicking game there wasn’t enough height or depth on his bombs. When he got the ball in attack his timing was off and he looked lost. On the last tackle he was found out 3-4 times which was poor we need better than that. His combo with Cody still looks clunky they aren’t gelling but part of that was missing Trell at FB.

Tatola: In career best form another strong performance so many strong carries he was tireless and what a try from him too. 22 hit ups for 172 metres just massive. So proud of Junior.

Cook: The ruck was so slow but he still had some nice runs with 7 runs for 48 metres. Had the nice try assist for Junior with the crash ball play. Made 52 tackles. Cost us with that poor forward pass though and went right a bit too much in the second half not sure why. I think partly it’s due to the fact Cody wasn’t hungry to get involved.

Sulaka Fifita: Only played 28mins but was very solid. 12 hit ups for 117 metres he was very good and mistake free. I’m excited with his future with us I like what I see.

Keaon: Well he is back baby! Another strong performance after last week such strong carries and bumping players off plus offloading as well. 19 hit ups for 161 metres I thought he was our best player. He did have one lazy attempt at tackle on Wade Graham though so must be better there.

Arrow: Solid but big quieter than what I wanted. 11 hit ups he had and 25 tackles. He wasn’t bad but I expected more.

Murray: Played 87mins he was tireless. Made 50 tackles and 21 hit ups for 155 metres he just doesn’t stop. Was a poor miss on Fifita though and I’m sure he’s kicking himself about that. I think he was just so gassed which is why he couldn’t stop him.

Nikorima: Did a solid job at the back filling in. Had some strong runs. Would’ve liked him a bit more involved in attack.

Moale: Another good stint in limited mins.

Havili: Played big minutes and had 17 carries for 162 metres he was awesome again for us had a strong impact.

Tom: Another strong performance some really strong carries. That 35 metre run near the end was brilliant from him inspirational just a shame Trell couldn’t ice it next play. I can’t blame Tom for being sent off trying to stop their winger there he had to try stop him just unfortunate. Rest up now next week big man.

So yeah it wasn’t our forwards fault we lost we needed more from the spine. The boys can hold their heads high but I hope they’re hurting today as we could’ve won that. We need to put it behind us and push on now into a must win next week against the Warriors.

Also proud of how the boys kept turning up despite the fact we got no penalty for the last 75mins and how we responded to some harsh calls against us.

So yeah top 4 now out of reach but plenty to play for still. The aim has to be for a home final we just need to dig deep play smart defend well and do our best to try finish 6th and get a home final.
That call 53mins in last night was a disgrace Tolman knocked on and Fifita picks it up in an offside position it’s a blatant penalty to us at 14 all.

Cook was a chicken wing tackle on him 46th min near halfway but no penalty.

We got no penalty from the 12th-87th min. Have the lost penalties 6 of last 7 weeks but apparently Souths get all the calls!!!
I see you missed the bad non call of interference on Ronaldo attempting a catch of a bomb and Souths scored next set to level it at 14-14 or the double movement non call on Tatola's try to make it 20-20.

Wake up to yourselves you whinging fan base!!!


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Player of the Game Round 20: https://www.rabbitohs.com.au/news/2022/08/01/player-of-the-game-round-20/

Cranky Cody brushes Sharks star in firey end to thriller: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...s/news-story/47a2dfd1f67f2ded6cf839e0d529ed80

Not too happy with that from Cody, it's bad sportsmanship. We'd all be blowing up if someone like Luai did this to one of our players so even if he is one of our own, Cody deserves to cop some criticism for that.

I see you missed the bad non call of interference on Ronaldo attempting a catch of a bomb and Souths scored next set to level it at 14-14 or the double movement non call on Tatola's try to make it 20-20.

Wake up to yourselves you whinging fan base!!!
I'm not whinging at all mate.

We didn't lose the game because of referee calls. We lost because of our own team's stupidity at times, failure to attack left and execute in the second half and failure to kick three field goals in golden point. Simple as that.


I see you missed the bad non call of interference on Ronaldo attempting a catch of a bomb and Souths scored next set to level it at 14-14 or the double movement non call on Tatola's try to make it 20-20.

Wake up to yourselves you whinging fan base!!!
Albanese is a fraud.
You seem to have missed idiotic turnovers from Ilias [x2] when failing to kick on the 6th and Paulo's gift fumble of a benign kick downfield. Pure gifts on the road. How many players fail to kick downfield twice on the last tackle??
Also Sutton blatantly missed a deliberate forward pass right in front of Cronulla's posts [Fifita and Tolman??]. Even commentator S. Roach stated "geez Sharks got away with one there". Cronulla at home really should have put the kosh in but because they are overrated they failed to do thus. Cronulla are going nowhere.

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