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Rumours and Stuff

84 Baby

His contact for the good drugs?
His dealer.
Robbo is just doing him a favour for this moment in the 2013 GF.

I suspect he wont get close to playing FG.

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I’m just saying I’ve never heard Mennings talk of his time at the Rorters. He also doesn’t seem the author type to write a decent memoir, so in need of an income stream perhaps Mennings was to reach out to Uncle Nick for a friendly golf game.


Makes zero sense for either party unless Dogs have realised Crichton is really just a centre
Its almost like Gus is signing anyone that is available just to stockpile & stop anyone else from improving there squad.

While thinking he is making himself look good showing the world he can get every man and his dog to join Belmore.

But in reality he is just building a vanilla squad.


Post Whore

Stick it in here as well..

Will assume he is going to the Tits.

It's a bad to have these guys continually coming and going. It's one position you want stability. That way they can see kids from a longer age range. Plus now Brown has a look in to who our beat juniors are if he was to poach a few.


Another one bites the dust, gee that don’t last long around here unless their name is Murphy……….

10 years ago today mate 21st November, 2013.

I wonder if the club are getting Murph a cake today to celebrate.


Post Whore

10 years ago today mate 21st November, 2013.

I wonder if the club are getting Murph a cake today to celebrate.
A retread cake, he wouldn’t get a gig at any other club. I’ll keep saying it the standards at the club are truly embarrassing.


I also heard you guys are going all out to sign Luai and are giving him Josh Reynold’s type of stupid money. Benji went to his house to negotiate and the neighbors took photos of him. The Groucho Marx disguise didn’t work apparently.
id rather pay Luai that kind of money than Reynolds. We have offered about the same that Dylan Brown is on and thats about right IMO.


Not going to get in a slanging match because that's just petulant, childish, juvenile and the like.
However the club have themselves come out saying they either want a fullback or 14 for that x-factor which we lack.
They both fit the bill.
The beauty of an internet forum is people have differing opinions. No harm with that.
On Gutho- great player but there were many games this year where he was out of position and did some absolute dumb plays which cost us big time.
No one is immune.
Let's call it for what it is...
Do I want him at our club. Absolutely. Would I move him to another position if It meant overall the team is better. Absolutely.
Would having gutho at centre and brimson/Campbell at fullback makes us better instead of Simonsson at centre. Maybe.
I like the fact the club is thinking how do get better...
I will support the Eels no matter what. I just want us to win that elusive premiership
Then why did you throw that jab in?

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