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The Las Vegas Thread


In big games you can definitely tell the difference.

For example the WCC, the pom commentators gave the game a sense of occasion and worked off the crowd, the ch 9 commentators sitting in a studio a million miles away couldn't get a feel for the game or the crowd going nuts, Freddy and Gus spent most of the game talking about thier favourite coffee shops.

I expect the same drivel from Gus and Freddy for the Vegas games.

That is ch9 though.

I have watched the GF atleast 50 times on Kayo and you couldn't tell they were in the studio


It's estimated Vegas has only cost the NRL 2m, roughly what a normal season launch costs.

If that's the case, it's generated more pre season publicity since the Tina Turner days. A huge success in that regard.

Agree about PNG, fingers crossed for Perth or NZ2 for 18th team.
Yep that’s the point exactly


I wonder if they mean, when they say the event is costing 'less than $2 million', they are referencing the expected gap between revenue and expenditure for year, versus the total cost for the event.

The venue hire alone works out to be around AUD1.5m, so I imagine the total cost for the event is great than that $2m, unless the Visit Las Vegas and Fiji Airways deals are bigger than expected.

Anyway, we'll all know soon enough what it was, one thing you can rely on in RL is someone leaking the news one way or the other.

Yep, that seems far more likely. A $2m total cost just seems completely unrealistic.

A $2m loss on it isn't bad.


First Grade
There isa 2hr timezone change
I doubt Fox US would give us that 7pm timeslot even if there were games in those first 6 weeks.

It's one thing for us to get prime time when we're playing over there & it's in-between big sport seasons, they wouldn't hand it over the rest of the season.

The later games, so 4pm Sunday (9pm PST), 3pm Saturday (8pm PST) & 5:30pm (10:30pm PST) are still solid spots ratings wise and would make the NRL far more accessible in the US.

If we could get one of them weekly on FS1 that would be huge, especially when the lowest drawing programs at that timeslot are equal to what a lot of NRL games draw on Fox Sports here.
There is a 2h timezone change in 4 weeks