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Who's Your team???

dimitri said:
where were all these swannies "supporters" when they were coming last and getting crowdsof 2000

A lot of people in Sydney go for sides other than the Swans because they were following the game due to a live coverage of VFL up here on a Saturday afternoon before the Swans moved up here. I myself support Carlton and love Aussie Rules but do not go to the Swans games as much I would if it was Carlton up here.

I can tell you now having lived in both cities the AFL presence up here is far far far superior to league down there.

It all comes back to the people in charge of VFL/AFL having a far greater knowledge of how to promote there game then we do ours.

We still don't give the Non League states a live game on free to air TV every week. We are aboput 10 years behind the AFL in most areas.

We copy everything they do.

State Of Origin
National Comp
Top 8
McIntyre system (which is a joke because we had the better one to start with)
They had a brownlow Medal night for B&F so we decided to run with the Rothmans.
AFL started with the ritzy TV commercials for there game, so we followed.

As I said we are so far behind them.


I support the Brissie Lions and am not afraid to admit that I am a 'bandwagon' supporter. I've never really been into AFL, but sometime in the 2001 season a friend gave us tickets to the Lions vs Essendon game and I was hooked. The atmosphere at the game was amazing and ever since then I have followed the Lions.



Go you Swannies! :D


I suppose if I had a team it would be Port Adelaide. They wear black white and blue! AFL should be banned in Sydney!


Cause those people should be watching RL not AFL. If you go to both then thats ok. If you are from an AFL state, no worries, but if you are a NSWelshman and you go to AFL and ignore RL then you should be shot! :)


First Grade
McSharkie said:
If you are from an AFL state, no worries, but if you are a NSWelshman and you go to AFL and ignore RL then you should be shot! :)

Shot? :roll:

That aside, my team is obvious. I do however have a real soft spot for the Lions.

My ultimate dream GF would be Sydney v Brisbane at Stadium Australia :idea: :shock: :D

Up yours Eddie and Co. :evil:


First Grade
i went for port adelaide and of recent ive watched a few roo's games(only so i can give an ex crap about when they lose)but i got a headache watching it the other day and wondered why on earth i ever could sit down and watch a game sorry but the logics just get me
why on earth should you get a bloody point when you bloody miss a goal #-o


The Brisbane Lions and the Kangaroos
Brisbane coz they're good and we live in Qld
Kangas coz we've always supported them
Son of oxenham