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The Game 2023 Crowd Watch

Cumberland Throw

First Grade
Problem with free tix pax.. is heaps get them and don't bother showing up.. good initiative though we need to see a packed lower bowl at least ..


Crowd will be good now probs 35 to 40k

more looking forward to watching it knowing stadium will look fullish


First Grade
There is more to the choice of Stadium than just potential crowd. Firstly, Accor has more corporate facilities than CommBank, the NRL has a lot of corporate partners and would like to ensure as many of them as possible can watch a Final live.

Secondly, there are more facilities for broadcast & media. Again, you want as many journalists, commentators, etc live at the ground as possible whilst also not having to sacrifice corporate hospitality to fit them in.

Rent is cheaper at Accor for matches like this. Firstly for Accor to get the GF, the NRL gets concessions, but also Accor knows more matches helps them retain members (CommBank doesn't have members) and their own corporate partners.

The NRLs deal with the NSW Government also requires Sydney matches in Week 3 of the Finals to be played at VenueNSWs top two venues, which are currently Accor & Allianz.

Even if the above factors weren't at play, the NRL would have felt they could draw more than 29,372 to this match (which is CommBank's largest ever crowd) and I'd be very surprised if they didn't, even without the PSC freebies.

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