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The Game 2023 Crowd Watch


At the actual ground?

There is plenty of parking in surrounding suburbs and at inner city train stations like Sydenham.

It is a CBD (or close to) major stadium in a city of 5 million. It is quite common for public transport to be the main transport method in such a situation.

Appreciate it might be inconvenient for people from Penrith but realistically you're looking at those people being interested in a handful (at most) events there a year which would probably be premium ones and IMO driving to the stadium for those is madness. The fan bases of the primary tenants of the precinct (Roosters, Swans, Sydney FC, Waratahs) seem to have no issue with public transport.


Not just Penrith, Northern Beaches has no train line.

Lets use Manly as an example.

You need to get to a local bus - so need parking there

Bus to Town Hall
Change to Light Rail or train

Even if you go the Light Rail way, Still need to change as it doesn't go there.

As opposed to jumping in a car and driving down Lane Cove Road and its other name changes and having a parking station 300m from the Stadium

And the option for bus too.

That is what a major Stadium should have


Wouldn’t say that, Allianz is fit for purpose- but the old stadium was also fit for purpose, just not as good.
But Accor isn’t fit for purpose for anything bar the biggest games and even then it’s mediocre.

Allianz has been rebuilt to and as the newer one. Should be the number 1 choice, but was built too small.

Accor isn't as close as it should be given its
Major events are played on rectangle fields

Cumberland Throw

First Grade
So many group BBQs happening around Penrith tonight .. how does RL seriously mobilise the home punter to go to a game like tonight ...
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