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2023 Grand Final Panthers vs Broncos


Brisbane are a far more dangerous prospect then the Eels last season. Odds are a lot closer. Penrith are about $1.65. By memory the Eels where around $3 last year.
Experience is the reason for that. There have been exceptions, but experience usually wins Grand Finals.
$1.62 for Panthers seems a bit long to me, I’d have them at $1.48.

The missed forward passes didn’t help the broncos in their preparation because the margin v warriors becomes tainted and they probably won’t get that lucky again.

Kevin wouldn’t have liked it.

In the meantime, the panthers decimate the storm who have been one of the most credible and consistent side for 20 years.

The question is really for how long the Broncos can stay in the game.

Probably until a bit after half time.

Full credit to the panther organisation for understanding recruitment, for keeping players hungry.

In the remote chance of a loss, Sydney is still covered in smug. The machine is pumping out marquee like no tomorrow.

Living in the catchment, it’s hard not to stumble over an international while shopping.

The great crime of our time remains the absence of Dylan as first choice in the sky blue. What’s it going to take?

Freddy needs to go, enter Ivan.
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The refs will try and keep it as close as they can for interest and tv ratings. If a team gets away too much, watch the phantom calls for the losing team.


My personal take is .. grind it though the middle early. Don't give them any confidence and allowing to think they can win .. let Nathan put a few BIG Bombs up for reece walsh ... and kick behind COBBO try and knacker him out ... or just strangle them to DEATH in the tackle

Bred not Bought

The Clinton-Civinoceva Cup gets a new etching

congrats on being the benchmark. Looking forward to giving youse a real test. Have to admit to being quietly confident. Let’s just hope it’s a beauty either way

Should be a good game. I have been quietly confident myself of beating your mob since the stars aligned in week 1. The thrashings of the Storm and Warriors in weeks 1 & 3 didn't surprise me.

Whether each of us thinks our side is superior will be decided Sunday. Hopefully not influenced by the refs.
One thing we can agree on is both sides have been a class above the other 15 sides all year.
Enjoy the week and bring it on.

Bred not Bought

Do guys in here rate these side better then last years grand final side?
Defensively I think its superior as Kenny and Sorenson get a lot more minutes and are better defenders then Api and Kikau.
Turuva is another level on Staines. Crighton and Spencer have gone up a gear. Everyone else is playing at a similar level but are more experienced. Nobody has declined.

Interesting to think about.

2022 was better. Streaked away with MP and Premiership that year.


play our best game of the year - that's all i want

hoping for a similar opening 40 mins to last years GF

what's counting against Brisbane - 1 day's less rest, have to travel to Sydney, and have do all the GF commitments, only Reynolds & Capewell have exp a GF in that squad. how will the young bronco's handle the pressure & expectation.


Broncos attack will seriously test us especially if we let them get a roll on. We will need a plan to limit walsh. Their defence however, in particular their goal line defence was broken down quite easily by the warriors. We need to play our best dominating field position and possession and we can win well, if we give up errors and penalties the donks will punish us.

Major concern for me is tago's defence after the storm game. He was clearly not confident in that pec and was beaten numerous times. We wont get away with it if he defends like that again, Walsh has the speed and anticipation to to turn those breaks into tries, he will be their in support.


Lets f**kn go! Limit offloads, limit Walshs time with ball in hand in attacking zone and destroy them with our defence.

Need to get off to a strong start, which will entice them to throw it around more and more, which no doubt will lead to errors they are already prone to..

Bring it on!


First Grade
When is the last time a star player has carved us up?

Smith in the 2020 GF?

We will just kick him to death

Cody when Ivan put Salmon at right centre against Souths for five minutes.

With our actual backline it's been a while.