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Mad Monday


There is no doubt this is trash journalism. But on the other hand I really enjoy seeing those photos, especially old mate passed out on the sign.

Perth Red

This 'they're getting paid a lot therefore they shouldn't be out' bullshit irritates me.

Where are the cameras looking over the shoulders of 25 year old bankers disappearing three at a time into the mens rooms around Martin Place on a Friday night? They're being paid a lot, shouldn't they be at home, out of the public eye?

This is parasitic journalism, pure and simple. The league should be calling out the Tele on this, saying if they're going to treat players this way then their press passes will be revoked for matches.

You seem to be oblivious to the fact they are paid a lot mostly because they are in the public eye, generate revenue for their employee by being in the public eye unlike bankers. A sport, clubs, players brand is the valuable thing these days like it or not.
In regards to comments of high salary, that is because part of that relates to their public image. Bankers dont have built into their contracts bad behaviour, NRL professional players do. If someone offered me $700k to play sport and part of the deal was dont get pissed in public I'd take the deal over a $60k job where you can do what you like.

Again a strawman argument, no-one is saying they cant go out, in fact hardly anyone is saying you cant go out and get blotto on your end of year party, just dont do it naked (is this an Australian thing by the way? No matter how drunk I never felt the need to strip off in front of my mates!) where you can be seen, dont throw up in the street and dont pass out on the sidewalk. Are we asking too much?

This quote from Grant in the 2017 Annual report is interesting, cant recall seeing anything released as mentioned?
"If our game is to be the most respected of sports, it is critical to acknowledge how it is really seen by others. In 2012, in aspirational terms, we defined the vision for the game as ‘the greatest game of all’. In 2017, we undertook a major project to understand rugby league’s brand i.e. what it is remembered for most. The findings of the brand research are sobering and indicate a need for change. They will be the subject of detailed presentations to all stakeholders early in 2018"


Should have been behind fully closed doors. Yes, this happens all the time with bankers, lawyers etc. but nowhere even close to the public eye. They are also held accountable - heard people have even been sacked on an Australian Financial Review sarcastic gossip article about someone seen out drinking on a deal let alone with no photos. Yes, it is a trashy article but as a professional you should be aware - particularly as this is not the first mad Monday that the bulldogs have been caught out.... and every time the press is blamed.

Vic Mackey

Betoota nail it again

Disgraceful Journalists Take Photos Of A Bender


It can be confirmed today that some journalists have taken some photos of a group of
blokes having a session.
The disgraceful journalists and photographers on the scene, under instruction from their bosses, have captured ‘shocking images’ of a group of footy players getting on the sauce.
Photos emerged in the news organisations papers, peddling outrage over a group of young men who train like elite athletes for the best part of 10 months of the year letting their hair down for the annual Mad Monday celebration.

In an ironic twist, the news organisation so adamant in its defence of ‘Australian Values,’ and so invested in the war against political correctness has tried to grab headlines by snapping pictures of a group of blokes getting pissed.
Despite not committing any crimes, and not committing any of the rugby league atrocities of the game’s storied past, the Bulldogs players are now under fire for behaving relatively well on the piss.
The Editor of the Sydney tabloid Chris Simpson told The Advocate over the phone today that in this day and age you have got to do whatever it takes to sell papers.

“These guys are role models. So when they have a private function out of the public eye in order to enjoy a bit of pissy session, it’s our duty to send our photographers to a barely accessible vantage point to grab images that no kids would have seen unless we published them,” Simpson said.
“It’s our duty,” explained the editor of a paper that penned 8 opinion pieces last week about the ‘Nanny State,’ watching over and policing everyday Australians rights and freedoms.



I don't think this sort of behaviour is great but ...

the two main players at fault here are the Bulldogs club for not organising an event away from prying eyes and not keeping better control of the players.
and the other one is the media itself this isn't news because its "role models" being disgraceful, its about sensationalism and selling / ratings. The players are not bringing the game down, they are embarassing themselves but its the media that is bringing the game down by sensationalising this stuff

no name


is some one going to break it to him he is going to a club that has a woman beater on the books
That’s when you tell them it’s punishment for not scoring tries.
And then you warn your children that you shouldn’t snoop on private functions as it makes you look like a f**kwit and that now some blokes having some harmless fun are all over the media.


Kent and Creepy Crawley are getting off on this. Why do people who get paid to report on Rugby League hate it so much?

How good was Ken to Lewis - 'I don't understand why players can't just sit at a pub, have a few quiet beers, not dress up but instead have to take it to the extreme'.

Kent must not have seen anyone drink before if he thinks passing out and vomiting is 'extreme'.