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Rd22 Parra v Manly GAME DAY THREAD @ Sunshine Coast Stadium 14/8/21


We played the Raiders in Canberra many years ago in July and it was 24 nil or something after 10 mins. I believe we had a bye the next week and some of the players were off to the snow.

Yep, i drove down for that one, my grandmother could have run through the holes the defence were leaving open.

I think we left at half time. Not surprising they had their heads somewhere else.......good times, sometimes things never change.

Its been proven yet again that our style of play is not sustainable. Has never been and never will be. So sad a fantastic group of players (Sivo aside) have been let down so badly.

The Roosters, Melbourne, Manly and the Sharks (on there couple year run to the premiership) are proof it is sustainable.

However the players have to buy into it and you need to identify juniors and recruit new players based on that premise and maybe we have but those players have lost faith the system because with the effort they have put in they don't trust that what they are being trained is appropriate for the way they are playing?

I reckon it was around that point that he lost part of the dressing room.

If it were me, i would have lost complete faith after the Raiders game. We won against the Titans so i get not changing the team and he wasn't that bad but he was completely out of his depth in the Raiders game and he still picked him the week after........picking him for the Roosters game would have done it for me and it looked like we played accordingly.

I just think they are worn out/injured from the style of play required of them and the realisation that the systems dont work. They are bored, worn out and confused. They have stopped listening. Its obvious Mitch and Gutho are playing injured.

I would imagine knowing that the attacking structure is not up to par and you are wasting all your effort for something that hasn't improved in years would eventually catch up to you as a player.


If you guys haven't learnt, after all these years, that arguing with Pou is like smashing your cock with a ball pein hammer, you're never going to learn.
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Poupou Escobar

Post Whore


Post Whore
My dad had a ball pein hammer ... f**ked if i know why

Its proably ok for killing walkers, better than a claw, but not as good as one with a pointy bit on the back whatever the f**k they are called

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