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First Grade
I’d take Lolo if nth QLD pay half his salary for the next 7 years

Or if we were to lose Fergo, maybe Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow would be a good pickup. He would give us some much needed speed and he is only still a baby, I think turning 20 this year. He is 186cm and 90kg, so there is plenty of time for him to put on at least another 5kg by the time he fills out into a man and if he doesn't lose any speed would be a fairly strong runner of the ball.

Nickname Hammer, for his speed.
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They need to blame the f**ken coach for this, f**k him off, and the next coach is on notice before he even starts. That's the way to build a culture of success.

I'd love to see a club take on Tamoulolos contract and rebuild his career.
Let's hope the Roosters can help him out. Even on a moderate contract just to make the guy happy.