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What is your most unpopular opinion about the NRL?


First Grade
matt thompson seems like a good bloke and he calls games well but i find his voice unbearable, especially when he gets excited.


First Grade
If there was another Brisbane team I would get season tickets. I wouldn't buy any merch or drop my current bunch of muppets (NQ can't get rid of me that easy) but I just love going to games. If I'm gonna throw my cash at a team in Brisbane while I'm living in this city sized country town, I would be more than happy to throw it at a rival club that will hopefully undermine the utter scourge of this state and bring them down a peg or 2.

The Springfield Isotopes would be my choice of location and name........

exactly this

plenty of League fans who don't live near the team they support would follow a new team in their city


1. Expansion is possible & necessary. Adelaide, Perth & Brisbane V2
2. Make scrums great again...or jus' get rid of them totally
3. Every club should have at least one other Grade, either Reserve or U20/23's
4. Play e'body once & lose Bye Rounds (if you play Parra at home this year, you play them away next season etc etc...)


Cash in hand, direct deposits to players/managers accounts. It's still easy to get around.

It prevents clubs from going over the cap - the NRL would know well in advance if a club was at risk of going over.

If players want to accept money cash in hand then they will continue to do so. But there won't be this grey area of 'I had no idea it was wrong'. If the money isn't coming from the NRL, then it's wrong. Period.

Not only that, it won't be the NRL chasing it up. It'll be the tax office because it would likely be undeclared income.

The NRL paying players directly eliminates about 99% of the bullshit with the salary cap.


I don't like that when a team gets a penalty they get to boot the ball into touch a million miles down the field,refs have to much influence on this game already,when a team gets a penalty they should only be allowed to tap the ball from where the penalty was given and of course get another set of 6 tackles as the reward.

Another 6 tackles is reward enough,shouldn't be allowed to kick it into touch,refs are donkeys and ruin enough games with dumb penalties,kicking the ball 40 metres down field is too much a game changer for stupid refs giving dumb penalties.