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Dragons V Sharks Round 4


12 years of the same shit on repeat. Doesn’t matter what coach we cop, it all dribbles down from the top. Management needs a clean out. We have a crop that could easily make the top 8 this year. Bud and Sloan not looking that incompetent now for requesting there releases. FMD.

Dragon David

First Grade
I haven't watched the game and I do not intend to. Its only round 4 and the wheels, which started to wobble in the second half last week, just completely dropped off today.

I can now see us closer to the bottom of the ladder and only the other Joint Venture club fighting us for the wooden spoon.

Goodbye Hook but will this change us? The players don't have any ticker and have no intensity and pride.

qld redvee

The optimist part of my brain says Saints by 20-8.
The realist part says that poor hands, soft defense around the ruck and low-percentage B Hunt miracle plays that don't come off - plus a real rogering from the peanut with the whistle - will see a reversal of that scoreline at best.
For once, I'm in an optimistic mood. Hopefully it lasts until after 8:15pm ESDT.

Hoped is wasn't going this way but itcis just as i thought.
Anorher second half capitulation.
They were competing at 60% and we are still losing.
We can't bt any good sides.
It's going to be 40
Is this how we the players back the coach.
They can go and get on the broom out of here.
Thought it was going to be 50.. our defence was non existent


Penaltyathon / tryathon going on now.
We're done.
I'd be surprised if *anyone* would attempt defend Hunt or Griffin after this.
Hunt doesn't take on the defensive line, and his specialty seems to be either an overly hard pass up around the support players ears or a soft, flat hospital pass to an outside runner who immediately gets smashed. All I've seen from him are useless midfield bombs that are too deep for the chasers to effect a challenge. Griffin has completely changed everything that worked for us last week and Sloan is, quite possibly, less of a fullback than Adam Quinlan.
This is utter $hite. The supporters, and the former players of this club - who created such a tremendous legacy for the likes of Doust, Gordon, Webb, Price, McGregor and Griffin to pi$$ all over - deserve much, much better.
Sloan will never be a quality full back & Hunt is overrated

I'm Hornby

Everyone relax because Mbye who was one of our best players tonight (wraps on him from Vossy and Ennis) will be five eighth next week because Sullivan being reported twice in the same game will mean he is suspended for a few weeks. He will have to learn to catch offloads, tackle without tripping (it aint soccer)and control his temper if he is to live up to the hype.

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