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Dragons V Sharks Round 4


No up to it. It’s amazing that after efforts like these you wonder how the squad could be anywhere near salary cap value. Just about every one of our players was beaten badly by his opposition number. Bet a couple of coaching candidates just had second thoughts!
Dragons played lacking the passion, motivation and commitment we witnessed in Rd 2 ... almost like a team who's coach no longer commands respect and authority - because he's been fired 3 games into a contracted season.

Does anyone think top-class coaches are lining up at the Dragon's door with this kind of bad-faith management style awaiting them?


While I very much doubt the forwards could take us to top 4 they are still a lot better than this, they are poorly motivated, poorly coached. If this playing for the coach I think the ruse is up.
To my trained eye there is no doubt that this club, this playing group are divided. There has been no improvement in our defensive structures hence after round 4 we have the worst F/A record in the competition. It hurts my heart to see how far we have fallen from 13 yrs ago. My views are clear those at board level, coaching level and playing level who are responsible for the current situation the club finds itself in should be shown the door in due course.


Lomax looked like he was deliberately missing tackles (same with the kicks).
Is it his way of heaping pressure on Hook?
The stupid lifting thing he does when getting to his feet to play the ball is another problem.
Seems to have serious attitude issues.
Anyway it wasn’t just him.
Right up there with one of the worst performances in years - and there’s been plenty.
We were going to try to get Woods back to the Tigers to run our new “Useless Slob” membership category.

A woodsy slob membership gets you a beer cooler, cushion for the couch and a Sportsbet headset.

The only player to leave the game worse off for him having played it. Except $1.1m Brooks who gets outplayed by a 3 game rookie.

Blood Shot Eyes

First Grade
I haven't watched the game and I do not intend to. Its only round 4 and the wheels, which started to wobble in the second half last week, just completely dropped off today.

I can now see us closer to the bottom of the ladder and only the other Joint Venture club fighting us for the wooden spoon.

Goodbye Hook but will this change us? The players don't have any ticker and have no intensity and pride.
Make sure you honour your statement David and dont watch it....its bloody abysmal and depressing....
Re your last paragraph I tend to agree re garding Hook will it actually change us ??? theres some deep seated problems out on the field amongst our playing group and its not just down to how their coached........I will probably get howled down for this but last year is the first year Hunt has earned what we are paying him....imo currently he looks not in control and is not capable of turning things around by rallying the side when things start to go pear shape..unfortunately we have a new look spine which isnt helping him but good players get on top of this but to me he is struggling.... ..yes he scored an impressive try early in the game but he rarely takes the line on now...anyhow what ever transpires from here new coach or whatever our players need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask am I worthy of wearing this jumper.

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