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Game Day - Kurranulla vs. Knights


So out of my beer-pouring eyes I got to see some plays whilst the game was in motion.
After I got home from work I got to watch the game without prejudice nor emotion
Conclusion: Fitz played a bluff-like poker game and O'Brien was not smart enough to pick up on it.
Smarter teams/coaches would have picked it apart more easily.
Tough middle-tough middle-keep Nicho on the right-tough right(Ramien/Nikora)
Let the left run free, Moyza/Kennedy (no Nicho)
rinse and repeat until the 67th minute then Nicho played left and Moyza could wander.
Ramien had an awesome game with this game plan, it allowed Tracey to be free on the other side of the field.
Nicho played his part well, they kept following him.
The real issue is that a better coached team will see this, and know this. We can do the lowers easily, the uppers can see what's going on and adapt.

Good pick up on this week's SOP/Plan.

Fitz is becoming quite the exponent of having tailored plans for the opposition.


This is going to sound very fluffy but I reckon we’re doing what the good teams do and timing our run for once, I’m saying that we play broncos then storm next so I guess we will have a clearer idea where the team is at after that, nicho is good enough to drag us out of the shit, the big worry for me though is the shit errors, every game when we have a massive run we have some boneheaded drop balls and instead of putting our stamp on the game we let them back in, jacks error today was crap and at that point we could of put it too bed and ended up giving them a leg up.

wait and see after origin wheee we are but we have started the season similar to how the chooks did up until this year

It doesn't sound fluffy at all raz. This was written about in here weeks ago. No way will this team go into the semis this year broken and out of petrol. I can see the team not even peaking till well into the last few rounds.

Mr Angry

Not a Referee
Full strength, I have no place for Williams or Mcinnes.

I also prefer Trindall to Moylan.

But that will not happen.



Tracey is my 14, and the H-Train next man up.

Alas Williams and McInnes will keep stinking up the joint and Moylan will be exposed.

I think next year the lads will be ready with another season under thier belt.
I think back to 2016 when we lost a few games towards the end of the season and then peaked right at finals time. And there were a lot of scrappy tight wins on that huge winning streak we went on as well. We were massively fortunate with injuries overall too.

Stake Removed

First Grade
Yesterday was great result re defence, they said Knight best attack inside 20, but they really didn't test us.
Not worried attack was glitchy we know that can click.
Still ball control needs to be worked on, against better teams we need to get that spot on.
Katoa has lifted his game last couple of weeks, which is good to see.
Brailey needs to keep running the ball, it benefits us so much the games he doesn't we get picked off.
Hazelton just keeps improving, I would love to see him get more minutes.
Finucane is the one that worries me in the pack since he has come back just seems odd his game, he basically hasn't been same since was injured last year.
Interesting to see Graham play at hooker for Brailey last few minutes to give him a break.
Not sure what is best prop rotation for us when all fit, Uele, Kaufisi for sure then the next two is interesting


First Grade
All our forwards fit leaves an interesting selection choice for Fitz. I’d be leaving Williams out personally but I think it will be Tommy H

Throw McInnes back in and you’ll actually probably have two unlucky players missing out


I’d be looking at graham and Williams missing out.
Hazelton adds that little bit of awkward as a difference maker

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