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    Ben Creagh retires

    Solid player for us, probably was picked too often as a prop, rather than on the fringes. Remember him for his matchwinning try against Easts on ANZAC Day, and for back peddling when Hodges shaped up to him.
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  3. DB

    Montreal Screwjob

    Well, he did agree to drop the belt, just not in Canada
  4. DB

    2016 Match Review Committee / Judiciary

    This wouldn't happen at the AFL Tribunal
  5. DB

    2016 Match Review Committee / Judiciary

    Tim, with all due respect, there is a chance you might have to consider that your support for one team effects the way you listen to all other opinions.
  6. DB

    2016 R21 - Bulldogs 13-10 Dragons @ ANZ Stadium

    So, who's ready for 80mins of exhilarating Dragons Footy? I know I am
  7. DB

    My prediction rein to sharks.

    There's plenty of good barbers in Cronulla Mall too, so that could work for him in the long run.
  8. DB

    WWE SuperThread II *Spoilers*

    If there was a moment to turn Reigns heel, that was it and it was missed.
  9. DB

    The Comic Book Film Thread *** SPOILERS ***

    She's Captain Marvel.... Not Ms Marvel
  10. DB

    Pokemon Go

    My work is a gym... I held it for 1-2 minutes. Highlight of my life.
  11. DB

    Official RLWC2017 Draw

    Great draw. Up there with my favs, though it's very hard to beat the 2003 Rugby World Cup draw - That was top shelf.
  12. DB

    Pokemon Go

    There's a military coup in Turkey, Terrorist attacks in France, and America is f**ked, yet you're complaining about a game that gets people outside..... Geez, you need a hatef**k.
  13. DB

    Pokemon Go

    I think you need to build a bridge, and get over it... maybe a bridge made out of lego
  14. DB

    Eels release Kieran Foran

  15. DB

    2016 R17 - THU - Roosters 20-24 Bulldogs @ Allianz

    God, Ferguson's declined more in 18 months than Muhammad Ali