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NRLW - 2024

10$ Ferret

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Bulldogs & ??? in for 2025?
The Bulldogs have been saying they are in next year for a few years now. Saying that I think they are investing heavily and are getting it right in terms of investment and culture and have earnt a team


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'If' it is Bulldogs and one other coming in for 2025, then you'd like to think the other team would be an out-of-NSW team. Melbourne, Dolphins, or a return of the Warriors.
So 12 Teams in 2025 - I assume an 11 game regular season and finals - Most likely 5 team Final series.

5 teams without an NRLW side from 2025.

Be interesting to see what the NRL plan is for further expansion as under the current CBA (2023-2027) they were able to increase the number of NRLW teams to a maximum of 12 during the CBA Cycle (2023-2027) which they have done adding the Warriors and the Bulldogs for the 2025 season.


  • 2024 - $1,020,000 ($34,000 minimum wage per player)
  • 2025 - $1,254,000 ($41,800 minimum wage per player)
  • 2026 - $1,386,000 ($46,200 minimum wage per player)
  • 2027 - $1,518,000 ($50,600 minimum wage per player)
One assumes that new teams can be added in the next CBA Cycle ( 2028-2032)

As at 2024 the Current Women's League programs for the 5 clubs without an NRLW side.

Souths - Lisa Fiaola Cup (17's) Tarsha Gale Cup (19's) plus HNWP side.
Manly - Lisa Fiaola Cup (17's) Tarsha Gale Cup (19's) plus HNWP side.
Penrith - Lisa Fiaola Cup (17's) Tarsha Gale Cup (19's) - No HNWP side in 2024

Penrith will need to field an HNWP side

North Sydney Bears are not fielding a HNWP side in 2024 citing the change in scheduling of this comp( run alongside with NRLW as a reserve grade/feeder comp) affecting their ability to attract high quality players as they did in the past as they are contracted to NRLW clubs.

Talk of Norths in some way shape or form becoming the 18th team would change the above.

Anyone know what Junior and Seniors Women's programs and sides the Storm and Dolphins have?