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Team v Knights

Fufu Andronez

First Grade
Pretty good backline from the knights 1 to 5. Feel they are better balanced oddly without Ponga. Will be a tough game

Manu Vatuvei

They were positioned correctly. We had the ptb covered. The problem is that if you take Tohu Barnett and TMM out, the line loses its plasticity.

There was no moving as a single organism, our players did not come forward together, they did not chase from the inside together, and they did not wrap up the ball carrier in twos and three

All functions of missing the best players.

You cannot bed in the Volkmans and Vaileas overnight....Kosi is a good example of that.

If we get key personnel back our edges will be fine.

No surprises it takes a start to a game for a new team (we are a new team with these new systems) to find their rhythm, I anticipate we will start poorly all year because the missing element is time, and the reffs hammer the minnow teams to script for the openings of games....six again....penalty....50/50....six again...Warriors down by 12.

Just gotta keep sucking it up till officials take us seriously/treat us like we are a worthy challenger for the victory.

Feel like Volkman/Vailea/Kosi is a weird trio to compare

Volkman is hopefully an NRL half but time will tell

Kosi is hopefully, maybe a competent winger

Vailea is a freak who can maybe defend

I really believe Vailea has already shown he’s offering a lot more ability than the other fringe players. Just hope he delivers on it.


Tuaupiki is a great move if he plays as an impact dummy half runner.

We have lost our energizer bunny impact with Jazz and Walker having to tackle to cover the loss of our three backrowers.

Tuaupiki is quick off the mark with a bit of a swerve on him.

Wheeled Warrior

With some doubts over Tohu leading up to the week. One would think they should just rest the guy as the 27 rounds are going to take its toll towards the end of year.